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From incredible activewear to the best thing since chopped kale, we'll keep you in the loop with our Fun & Fads.

best sports bras feat image

The MVP of Sports Bras Roundup

These styles suit just about everyone.
taylor swift workout feat image

A Taylor Swift Inspired Workout For The Weekend

Ever wondered what this pop star's diet & exercise regimen is? We've got the answers.

The Best New Way To Get Your Workout Playlists

For me, I try to spend as little time possible finagling with my phone when I'm in the gym. I typically put on my...

We Have A Bone (Broth) To Pick

We discuss the concoction's supposed benefits and just how easy it is to make.
Dear kate pants

Are Dear Kate Yoga Pants a True Miracle?

Would you ditch your undies for these yoga pants?
new years eve ideas

Healthy Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve

Try new recipes or go for a New Years themed workout!
holiday movies feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Holiday Hoopla Part III

For the last and final installment of holiday movies!
holiday movies feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Holiday Hoopla

Settle in for a Friday night in with your favorite holiday movies and recipes.
fitness gift guide feat image

Fab Holiday Gifts For Every Fit Gal (or Guy)

From superfoods to super cool apparel, we've got it all.
horrible bosses 2 feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Horrible Bosses 2

Let off some steam with your favorite worst bosses in the movies.
lole activewear feat image

Find Understated Glamour in Montreal-Based Activewear Line Lolë

Stylish and simple, Lole is something we all need in our wardrobes.
european adventure films

Dinner and a Movie: European Adventure

Let's travel to some of these gorgeous countries and follow it up with these delicious recipes.
juice press cleanse

Juice Press Cleanse: An Editor’s Timeline/Inner Monologue

I woke up on Monday morning ready to face the day. The first thing I thought was "I want to do a juice cleanse...

Dinner and a Movie: Stay In With November Netflix

All hail Netflix. That is what we might as well be saying every month as we check the new list of movies that are...
men try yoga for the first time

Men Try Yoga For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues

We take health and wellness very seriously, but sometimes it's good to just sit back and laugh a little. If there's one thing that give...
halloween movies feat image

Halloween Movies Paired With The Ultimate Halloween Treats

Movies and treats on Hallow's Eve? What could be better?

Under Armour Goes Glam

Stylish and functional, you CAN have it all.


Healthy living

Keys to a Long, Healthy Life

With the average life expectancy sitting between 76 and 81 years old, Americans today are living long, healthy lives today. This is in part...

How To Get Exercise Out Of Everyday Life

Exercise is great for people of all ages. Kids are told to get out every day and be active. Plus, older adults can set...
Hearing Loss

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: 8 Popular Myths About Hearing Loss

The idea of losing your hearing can be an incredibly scary thing, especially if it’s something we’re not used to and haven’t had much...

5 Reasons you Need a 7 Speed Bike for City Cycling

Casual bikers may be unaware of just how many gears their bikes have, or how to really put the gears to full use, or...