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From incredible activewear to the best thing since chopped kale, we'll keep you in the loop with our Fun & Fads.

gym bag round up feat image

Is it Time to Rethink Your Gym Bag?

Be the talk of the locker room!
starbucks healthy food

America’s Favorite Coffee Shop Is Going On A Serious Health Kick

Starbucks is the epitome of coffee in America right now. Not only do they supply a crazy amount of caffeinated beverages, but they also...
Beverley Pocket Tee_Black_Cortelyou Jogger Pants_Grey Heather_Alexis Mera_2

Alexis Mera Crafts Sleek, Ultra Chic Athleisure Wear

For clothes you'll SERIOUSLY want to live in.
easter desserts feat image

The 10 Cutest Easter Desserts You Will Ever See

Sometimes, you just need to get the family together and bake something awesome.

prAna Activewear Apparel: A Yogi’s Dream

Athletic and stylish? This brand's got it all.
best sports bras feat image

The MVP of Sports Bras Roundup

These styles suit just about everyone.
taylor swift workout feat image

A Taylor Swift Inspired Workout For The Weekend

Ever wondered what this pop star's diet & exercise regimen is? We've got the answers.

The Best New Way To Get Your Workout Playlists

For me, I try to spend as little time possible finagling with my phone when I'm in the gym. I typically put on my...

We Have A Bone (Broth) To Pick

We discuss the concoction's supposed benefits and just how easy it is to make.
Dear kate pants

Are Dear Kate Yoga Pants a True Miracle?

Would you ditch your undies for these yoga pants?
new years eve ideas

Healthy Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve

Try new recipes or go for a New Years themed workout!
holiday movies feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Holiday Hoopla Part III

For the last and final installment of holiday movies!
holiday movies feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Holiday Hoopla

Settle in for a Friday night in with your favorite holiday movies and recipes.
fitness gift guide feat image

Fab Holiday Gifts For Every Fit Gal (or Guy)

From superfoods to super cool apparel, we've got it all.
horrible bosses 2 feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Horrible Bosses 2

Let off some steam with your favorite worst bosses in the movies.
lole activewear feat image

Find Understated Glamour in Montreal-Based Activewear Line Lolë

Stylish and simple, Lole is something we all need in our wardrobes.
european adventure films

Dinner and a Movie: European Adventure

Let's travel to some of these gorgeous countries and follow it up with these delicious recipes.
juice press cleanse

Juice Press Cleanse: An Editor’s Timeline/Inner Monologue

I woke up on Monday morning ready to face the day. The first thing I thought was "I want to do a juice cleanse...

Dinner and a Movie: Stay In With November Netflix

All hail Netflix. That is what we might as well be saying every month as we check the new list of movies that are...


How To Connect With Extended Family Members: 3 Tips

Some people have big families with many close cousins, and some families are much smaller and more private. Either way, it’s likely that both...

How To Care For Your Loved One With A Disability

Disabilities come in various forms. Some are visible, while others aren't readily noticeable. Whichever one a person has affects how they live their life....

10 Things You Should Know Before Trying A Keto Diet

As the ketogenic (keto) diet continues to gain popularity for its weight loss and health benefits, it's essential to be well-informed before diving into...

The Best and Worst Foods To Eat When Recovering From Alcohol...

(via: A major part of recovering from an alcohol use disorder is eating and drinking the right things. Your body goes through a lot...