Dinner and a Movie: European Adventure

There is probably no need to ask, but when you watch a movie set in another country, do you ever think, “I really wish I was there right now”? We feel that longing with you, and we are here to partially satisfy that need. For this week’s dinner and a movie we are watching some of our favorite movies set in a few European countries, while eating a few foods that curb those international cravings. We understand that watching these movies will likely fuel the desire to flee to Europe, but hopefully the foods will help tame the appetite. Enjoy this week’s dinner and a movie European vacation style!

Under the Tuscan Sun + Bruschetta (via Tammilee Tips)

Under the Tuscan Sun for Dinner and a Movie Europevia

Let’s just start where the food is: Italy. Under the Tuscan Sun takes place in Tuscany, Italy and then detours to southern Italy. Of course this movie has to be on our list of movie favorites because Italian food brings meaning to life and Diane Lane is a goddess. Watch as Frances (Diane Lane) transforms her sad life into a marvel. Maybe this movie is unrealistic, but we would like to think that stories like this really do happen. Try a classic bruschetta recipe while imagining what the Tuscan sun is actually like…

Bruschetta Recipe for Dinner and A Movie European Vacation

Midnight in Paris + Croque Monsieur (via Foodness Gracious)

Midnight in Paris for Dinner Movie Europevia

This movie flies under the radar, but it’s cast is a great one. Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams play a couple that travels to Paris. Restless, Gil (Owen Wilson), wanders the streets of Paris at night. During his nights, he is repeatedly brought to a world of ex-pats, where he learns more about Paris than any museum could ever teach him. The Croque Monsieur sandwich recipe may not be the most French, but its cheesy goodness should keep you satisfied all movie.

Croque Monsieur for dinner movie europe

Just Married + Karpatka (via Butter Baking)

Just Married for Dinner Movie Europevia

This is by no means an Academy Award winner, but Just Married is a fun movie that takes its audience all over Europe. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy play newlyweds who face just about every obstacle imaginable on their dream honeymoon to Europe. The trip is a test of their relationship, and this Polish Karpatka recipe should be a test of your patience. This recipe may be difficult, but the results will be worth every minute you spend trying to get the layers just right.

Karpatka for Dinner and a Movie European Vacation

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Start packing, we’re going to Europe! Which movie do you think makes for the best Euro adventure?



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