Ten unsuspected health benefits of Oats & honey

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Oats and honey- the famous duo on everyone’s breakfast list. From cereals to scrubs, trail mix, and energy bars, oats and honey have many benefits for the body. Here is a list of 10 health benefits attributed to oats and honey.

What can oats do for you?

To fight obesity

Once grown to feed cattle, this cereal is recognized for its nutritional benefits. Low in calories, oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, providing a long-lasting feeling of fullness and preventing cravings. Integrating oatmeal into certain meals makes it possible to feel full and thus treat obesity problems quickly.

To treat eczema

Oats are also effective in treating skin diseases such as eczema. Particularly rich in nutrients, oats can improve the skin’s condition if appropriately used. The easiest way is to run a bath with warm water and throw a handful of oats into the water. If you don’t like the idea of soaking in the middle of cereal, you can put it in a cloth bag and leave it in the water for the duration of your bath. This gives the flakes time to infuse and leaves you with baby-soft, smooth skin.

To fight insomnia

Oats contain calcium and magnesium, and these minerals are soothing and help you fall asleep. This can be a good remedy for you if you have trouble falling asleep. Just eat a few grams of oatmeal in the evening before bed. Prepare a yogurt or fruit salad for dessert and sprinkle a tablespoon of oats. This adds a little crunch you’ll find hard to get enough of!

To relax

Oats could be the answer if you tend to be on edge all day long. The magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and calcium in oatmeal are said to calm the nervous system and prevent stress. Don’t hesitate to add them to savory recipes such as soups, salads, or even gratins. And yes, oats are not reserved for sweet recipes. You will quickly become zen!

To fight constipation

These are the most well-known benefits of oats. Oatmeal helps to promote digestion as it helps to provide a high-fiber diet. If you have a bowel problem, try having oatmeal porridge for breakfast. In addition, regular consumption of oatmeal is found to decrease colon cancer risks.

To preserve the thyroid

Iodine is an essential element for the proper functioning of the thyroid. And oats contain a large amount of it. By eating oatmeal regularly, it is possible to limit the risk of illnesses linked to thyroid problems. People with coeliac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, can consume oats and enjoy their benefits. The important thing is to check the product’s origin and, above all, the packaging conditions. Oats are naturally very low in gluten, but contamination with another food produced in the same place is not impossible.

To strengthen the bones

Oatmeal is particularly rich in calcium. Do not hesitate to consume them to strengthen and consolidate your bones. It is also an excellent way to limit the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. You can accompany oatmeal with a bit of milk for even more benefits.

What can honey do for you?

Good for cholesterol

Honey is also very good for cholesterol: after a scientific study, it has been proven that consuming 75 ml of natural honey daily reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

No more hangovers!

You probably didn’t know it, but honey is your best friend when you’ve just had a drink!

It helps your liver to speed up the oxidation process of alcohol, which allows you flush out toxins in your body more quickly. The headache associated with the day after a bender is caused by the liver’s inability to process all the toxins in the alcoholic beverages you have ingested, so honey gives it a little boost. One or two spoonfuls of honey before bedtime, and you’re done!

A powerful anti-inflammatory

Honey is also a natural anti-inflammatory: whether you suffer from a cough, tendonitis, or an inflammatory disease such as gastroenteritis, honey is one of the best natural medicines you can find.

Relieves digestive problems

Honey has also been shown in several studies, to help reduce acid reflux symptoms and promote esophagus healing. When ingesting honey, it will line the esophagus, relieving inflammation or damage and reducing reflux symptoms. Consuming honey regularly also helps to avoid indigestion, constipation, and stomach pain.

Helps to heal mouth ulcers and gingivitis

Because honey is an effective antimicrobial substance, it can help with gingivitis or canker sores, even if it contains sugar. A little mouthwash with honey and lemon (which has natural antibiotic properties) should help you eliminate these oral problems.

Antioxidant properties

Honey is also known for its antioxidant powerhouse. Although its antioxidant power is generally relatively low, especially compared to fruits and vegetables, it helps fight free radicals and helps the body and its cells to renew themselves.

Some precautions and dietary reminders

One last positive point to remind yourself from a nutritional point of view: Honey has fewer calories than table sugar. Still, it has a sweetening power of 30% to 40% higher than traditional sugar.

However, be careful: honey is still 80% sugar (1 tablespoon of honey is two lumps of sugar) – so consume honey in moderation.

Another precaution to remember is not to overheat honey, which alters its medicinal properties.

Looking for food items that combine both honey and oat goodness in one?

There are plenty of honey and oat food combinations that you can try in your diet, and one can be the new oats and honey bar from Honey Stinger. At 190 calories, The Honey Stinger Oat + Honey Bar is formulated for a wholesome workout, with a balanced blend of 23 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein. The bars join the Honey Stinger range of chews, waffles, gels, and hydration. You get the benefits of oats and honey and food products that are crafted to taste great while ensuring you get the perfect balance of carbs, fat, and protein.



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