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….where you can find your daily dose of wellness served in bite size portions.

Sometimes genius tips go in one ear and out the other because they are convoluted or buried within a lengthy article. Here at DASH OF WELLNESS we keep things simple and to the point while bringing the best health and wellness information transformed into bite size form so you can remember the great ideas and use them later—saving yourself time, energy and sometimes money. We cover a wide range of topics in health ranging from beauty and spa to fitness, food and other wellness living advice, information and knowledge that contributes to a happier and healthier you.

We have a passion for health and wellness and are always on the search for great ideas, DIY tips and advice that renews our spirit and our overall wellbeing. So, why not share our nuggets of discovery with other wellness obsessed readers like you? We hope this site encourages you to try new things or, at the very least, unveils secrets that were buried in Googleland that will make your wellness goals much easier to reach and maintain.

Bite in and enjoy!

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We encourage our readers to actively contribute to the articles posted via the comments section on each page. Additional thoughts, ideas, suggestions and questions are always welcome as they can bring an entirely new perspective to a bite size article or provide an extension to an idea that may make all the difference. Plus, if you are wondering something we probably are too. We can test it and share the results. This is a collaborative website that would not be successful without the sharing of brilliant concepts on how to be a health guru.



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