Create an Amazing Travel Video with Pictures

With more than 50% of users wanting to see video content from brands, video marketing has become quite popular. Travel videos are one of the most popular forms of the content found on the internet nowadays. But just like all other types of video content, travel videos need to be well-edited to captivate a huge spectrum of audiences.

The market of video editing software all over the world is expected to grow to $932.7 by 2025. Therefore, you can access various features to enhance the quality of your travel videos. Before you start worrying about how to edit videos related to the travel niche, watch as many travel videos as you can. It will help you decide what type of travel videos you want to show your audience. 

After you have finalised the type of travel videos you want to create, you should start editing them. Even a few years ago, editing videos was a lot of guesswork. But with the help of real data, it can be understood what kind of videos people prefer these days. Therefore, this article teaches you some tips to make your travel videos more likeable to your audience.

Arrange the Photos You Want to Include in Your Video

You might have taken millions of photos and video clips on vacation. But if you want to include all the captured moments in your video, it might become annoyingly long. Moreover, all the captured moments do not really justify the scenic beauty that your eyes witnessed. Go through all the images that are worth the final cut. Accumulate the pictures you want to use in one single folder. Remember to choose the visual assets that will represent your trip in the best light.

Choose a Video Editing Tool

Once you have chosen the pictures and clips to include in your videos, it’s time to choose the tool for editing it. Try to choose a video editing tool that is easy to use. Before selecting the picture video maker, you can watch tutorials to create videos with it. The online editing platforms will offer you multiple templates to choose from. You can experiment with various templates and see which one makes your video look unique.

Add All Your Photos

The next step revolves around importing all the photos or videos to the video editing app. You will be able to adjust the duration of each photo or clip. One step to remember while editing your video is that the transitions should be smooth. A travel video becomes attractive when each shot is around two to three seconds. None of your shots should be longer than ten seconds if you don’t want to bore your audience. 

Even if your travel video of two minutes will have quite a few transitions, one thing that has the ability to make or break your travel video is the smoothness of your transitions. You are not making a video to scare your audience. Therefore, you need to ensure that the online video editor saves you from the nightmare of jump cuts. Another thing to remember is that the transitions should not be inconsistent. 

A great way to make smooth transitions is by high-fiving the camera during the change of each shot. Spinning can also be a great option for transitions only if it’s used strategically. If every single frame in your travel video has a spinning transition, the audience will get vertigo. Slow spins can be a really subtle form of transition. It will create the effect of a rolling movie canvas instead of a cut. 

Add Text to Your Videos

Some people think that adding text to a travel video makes it boring. But adding a few words in between your videos will make it relatable for your audience. The words will help in adding context regarding what your audience is trying to find in your videos.

You can click on the default text and edit it with the words you want to enter in your video. You will find various fonts on the online video editor from which you have to pick your favourite. You can also change the colour of the text and the background colour. You will also be able to decide where you want the text to appear, like the middle or bottom of the screen. 

Add Music to Your Travel Video

Your travel video should have a soundtrack that will help in setting the mood of your audience. Sometimes a local song of the region highlighted in your video can make the video more relatable. But sometimes, a soothing song without any lyrics can do wonders for your travel video. 

If you want to make your travel video informative for your audience, you can also add a voiceover. Even if you are speaking in the video, play subtle music in the background. But the two need to be blended well so that your audience doesn’t feel confused.

A common doubt while editing a video is whether the audio quality needs to be optimum. The truth is that if you are adding a song, high-quality audio isn’t of paramount importance. But if you are talking to the camera, you should record it using a good mic. 

Make the Travel Video About the Location

The primary purpose of creating a travel video is to highlight a particular location. People often like to tell a story through their travel videos. But the story shouldn’t be about the person behind the lens. It should be about the scenic beauty, the locals, the food, and everything else about the place. Tell an engaging story through your video to encourage others to follow your footsteps to the location. 

Ending Note

Preview your video once you are done editing it. Watch the video from the perspective of your audience to see if it needs any more changes. Your audience should be able to freely connect with the travel video. You can try adding some stock images to your travel video to make it more enthralling for the audience.  


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