Perfect Birthday Presents for a 21st Birthday

21st birthdays are an important milestone for some, so you’ll want to make the occasion one to remember. If you are buying someone a birthday gift, why not make this one extra special so they have something nice to remember their big day by? There are so many gift ideas that you could get, but a 21st birthday is the time to splash out and get something a bit more expensive that feels very personalized. You should start brainstorming ideas a couple of months in advance so that by the time it gets to their birthday, you have a good idea of what to get. Also, don’t forget to factor in delivery times if you’re ordering online! Here are some ideas to help inspire you.

A New Fragrance

One idea for a 21st birthday present is a new fragrance. This is something that they can wear and think of you while doing so and it is also something that most people are guaranteed to like. Why not take a look at this fragrance line for some ideas? Comme des Garçons Perfumes are a classy, yet safe option, which will be loved by whoever is the receiver of the gift. If possible, you could try and visit your local perfume shop so that you can smell some of the fragrances in person, just to double check that you really like their scent.

A Pair of Headphones

Technology is another great gift you can get and something like a new pair of headphones is a perfect option. Headphones are something that are worn by everyone – whether it is to listen to music, a podcast or even to do work on. Headphones can vary quite a bit in price and style, so why not find some a really cool pair if it is for a 21st birthday? For example, you could get wireless headphones, noise cancelling headphones or even just a pair in a nice color. Take a look through some online recommendations of the best headphones to get. The kind of headphones you look at might also be quite dependent on what they will use them for – for example, if they are a gamer, they may need specific gaming headphones.

A New Bicycle

A new bicycle is a pretty big gift, but it is one that could be perfect for a 21st birthday. Bicycles are practical and thoughtful, and they last a long while if maintained properly. Therefore, investing in a nice bike that the gift recipient can use on a regular basis is a good idea. Depending on where they live, think about whether a road bike or a mountain bike may be better. It may not be a brand-new car, but it’s the next best thing!

Buying birthday presents is fun and even though it requires a little planning, the outcome is always worth it. Seeing the reaction to your gift is really rewarding and you will feel great for having made their birthday a memorable one!


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