A Few Quick and Simple Suggested Home Remedies for Cats

Cats are just as good a house pet as any other four-legged friend you keep indoors. The only difference between them and dogs is that they are not as attention-seeking as their later part. Dogs tend to be more affectionate and, in some cases, more active too. Cats, on the other hand, are very independent creatures and you will seldom see them in the house unless they are looking for food.

Although this may be the case with some pet owners, it is not to say that they do not also face similar health issues as dogs or any other animals, and in fact, may need slightly more vigilance and observation when they are around. As our pets cannot speak to us and tell us directly how they are feeling, we have to make sure they are well-kept, to avoid any unfavorable problems now and later on when they get older.

Some things may affect them inevitably, and the best we can do is try and keep them as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Certain aspects such as age, we cannot control, but others like fleas, obesity issues, insufficient nutrition in their diet and allergies or anxiety and depression, we can.

So, if you are a new pet owner who isn’t sure how to control these things, besides taking them to the vet, there are a few things we can do to help them out. Giving them a comfortable place to sleep and stay warm, and providing them with a well-balanced diet and plenty of fresh, clean water should be on the top of your priority list. Amongst all of these, however, there is also one great solution to any health condition they may face – home remedies.

What Are Home Remedies?

A definition of this concept as mentioned in the medical online dictionary states that it is the use of natural supplements, products or physical aspects that may support the effectiveness of a condition. Click here to see their version of it. This is similar to what we would use on our animals as well.

Many people, nowadays, do not trust those off-the-shelf pharmaceutical prescription medicines on their own and seek to find alternative ways to help our cats in time of need. Finding something that is both natural and safe, however, is not hard to do, with the right knowledge.

There are brilliant many ways that some items in your kitchen cupboard can help you to help relieve some of your felines health issues and also help to keep them healthy and happy in a holistic manner. Below we take a look at a few of these recommendations.

Two Common Ailments Cat Face and Suggested Home Remedies

Alongside their medication, you can also give them other things that you can find in your kitchen or health store. For specific causes, some of the below suggestions may help, however always speak to your veterinarian first before introducing them to it.

If your cat suffers from hair loss: the majority of cat owners will at some point invest in a lint roller, because the shedding of their hair is a natural part of their growth cycles and is expected. However, unless you own a Sphynx (with no hair), if you notice excessive hair loss and start seeing bald patches, it could be anything from allergies to parasites, ringworms and even something more serious.

One of the great home remedies you can give them is CBD drops in their food, which will help them internally, and the balms, which will help them externally, when applied directly to their skin. Checking with the vet is recommended in case it is something like alopecia or perhaps a food allergy. You can also make a flea repellent using lemon slices which are boiled and left in water overnight and then poured into a spray bottle which you can apply directly to their body.

Another remedy includes using ‘Pyrethrum’, which is a natural and pure liquid made out of dried African Chrysanthemum flower heads and is also a harmless repellent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrethrum but make sure it does not go inside their mouth or eyes.

If your cat has diarrhea: cats are known for eating just about anything they find on the floor. If it smells like food, it must taste like food, too right? Wrong. Their digestive systems are not as robust as us humans and they are susceptible to getting an upset tummy if they eat the wrong things, including store-bought pet food.

Sometimes it could be certain viruses or bacteria that sit on their food when left in the open for too long. Other times, their food may contain artificial ingredients and dyes that can give them gut issues.

Choosing to give them natural foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids, high-fiber, grains, beet pulp and CBD (cannabidiol) which in itself makes for some great home remedies is the best way to keep them safe and less constipated. Feeding them junk foods, especially dry foods, will harm their good gut bacteria and make them very uncomfortable.

If you are unsure of what to give them, don’t just google it, but also check what existing users are saying about it on well-known pet websites and discussion forums. Never try and experiment with anything on your pets unless you are a hundred per cent sure it is harmless and will help them rather than harm them.


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