Dinner and a Movie: Holiday Hoopla

Let the holiday season commence! There is only one time of year when watching holiday movies is acceptable, and that time is upon us. Luckily, because most holiday movies are so scarcely viewed throughout the year, it is almost impossible to get sick of these classics when the time to watch them rolls back around. This week, we are kicking off our holiday themed dinner and a movie marathons with three of the best holiday movies we can think of: The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and Love Actually. Luckily we pair them with  a few recipe ideas you can bring to any holiday party or pot luck this season.

The Grinch + Egg Nog (via Dashing Dish)

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There is no way we could start a holiday movie marathon without this one. The Grinch, (the Jim Carey version for this week) is one of the greatest remakes of an already fantastic holiday movie. Jim Carey as the Grinch who stole Christmas is hilarious enough, but the message behind the movie is one to reiterate through the whole holiday season. Let’s watch The Grinch with another holiday classic: egg nog.

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Christmas Vacation + Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts (via Rachel Schultz)

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If you want to laugh over the holidays, make sure to watch Christmas Vacation. One of the more relatable movies during the holiday season, Christmas Vacation tells the story of everything that goes wrong during what was supposed to be the most perfect Griswold family Christmas. Try some pan seared Brussels sprouts while watching this holiday movie that will have you in stitches.

Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts for DinnerMovie Holiday Hoopla

Love Actually + Thumbprint Cookies (via Amanda’s Cookin’)

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Last but not least, although this movie has much to do with love, its air of holiday spirit makes it almost impossible to watch without wanting it to be the holiday season. Love Actually tells the intermingling stories of a few Londoners right around Christmas time. Pair a movie as sweet as this with some sweet thumbprint cookies. P.S. this recipe is  perfect for a cookie swap this season!

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 Which holiday movie is your favorite?



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