National Pie Day: Quick & Healthy Options

Pie, pie, pie. If there is one food group (is it a food group?) that rules the holidays, it has to be pie. Whether you favor caramel-y pecan pies, decadent pumpkin pies, or heartwarming apple pies, they are all excellent ways to end your stellar holiday feast on an even better note. Bonus, what better reason to talk about pies than National Pie Day!

While your family recipes are undoubtedly delicious, you can’t deny that they might not be the healthiest. Typically filled with sugars, butters, and cream we were in search for much healthier options. It’s OK to indulge in these from time to time, but why not whip up something that is equally delicious and makes less of a dent in the calorie and/or nutrition bank? Take a look below at these healthy pie recipes! Recipes range from vegan to paleo, gluten-free, soy-free and more.

1. Clean Eating Pumpkin Pie via The Gracious Pantry

healthy pie recipes 1

Pumpkin pie is a classic staple on any holiday table. This recipe requires minimal ingredients and steps.

2. No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie via The Detoxinista

healthy pie recipes peanut butter cup pie

I’m not sure about you, but for me, there is nothing better than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. This raw vegan option is incredibly sweet and decadent and even has some nourishing ingredients. Better yet, you don’t have to pop it in the oven! Just mix, spread, and freeze!

3. Chocolate Pudding Pie via Deliciously Organic

healthy pie recipes chocolate pudding pie

Chocolate pudding pie is something that adults and kids alike can enjoy. This recipe is filled with better-for-you ingredients that are grain-free and paleo.

4. 7 Ingredient Key Lime Pie Bites via Minimalist Baker

healthy pie recipes key lime pie bites

Minimalist Baker is all about creating dishes that are delicious, vegan, and using less than 10 ingredients. It may seem like the wrong weather for bright and fresh key lime  pie, but we think it’s always the right time for something sweet. Try this out.

5. Clean Eating Apple Pie via Skinny Ms

healthy pie recipes clean eating apple pie

Does it ever get more comforting than apple pie? We think not.

6.  Pecan Pie Bites via Damy Health

healthy pie recipes pecan pie bites

For portion control purposes, these pecan pie bites are utterly perfect. Better yet, they are also vegan and (thanks to their wholesome ingredients) can be had more regularly than once or twice a year. Dessert, anyone?

7. Paleo Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble via Swiss Paleo

healthy pie recipes rhubarb pie crumble

Alright, this may not be a pie, but it’s a pie crumble – meaning that the bulk of this recipe is filled with fruits. We think it’s the perfect way to liven up a three course meal.

8. Healthy Blueberry Pie via My Whole Food Life

healthy pie recipes blueberry pie

Another berry pie, this time we look at the humble blueberry pie that doesn’t get enough cred. It’s sweet, it’s sour, and it’s perfect for Fall.

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What’s your favorite kind of pie?


  1. Hmm, maybe Thanksgiving should be pie day but I’ll take it any day of the week! My specialty pie is an apple cranberry streusel. Maybe I should find a way to health it up…


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