Dinner and a Movie: Horrible Bosses 2

We’ve all been there. The moment you realize your boss is so self-obsessed, he/she will never be a person in your eyes. Instead he/she is a fiery dragon that you have to battle every day. Not all bosses are like that, but certainly there are a few in everybody’s lifetime. In 2011, Horrible Bosses gave us some comic relief on the subject of those bosses we would all love to never see again, and this November 26th, the crew is back to bring audiences the sequel: Horrible Bosses 2. This week, we will unwind from that grueling work week with a little dinner and a movie dedicated to bad bosses, to prepare us for Horrible Bosses 2!

Office Space + Crab Cake Poppers (via Foodie Crush)

Office Space for DinnerMovie Horrible Bosses 2via

You had to know that Office Space would be the top of the list when it came to movies with bad bosses. Bill Lumbergh has to be the worst boss of all time. He is annoying, doesn’t know his spacial boundaries, and can drive any employee to go insane ala Peter Gibbons. We couldn’t help but think of Jennifer Anniston as a Friday’s waitress (also hating her job) when we were thinking of appetizers for this movie. We decided to go with a healthier crab popper to hold you over during this classic comedy.

Crabcake poppers for dinnermovie horrible bosses 2

Baby Mama + Autumn Harvest Salad (via Hungry Healthy Girl)

Baby Mama for DinnerMovie Horrible Bosses 2via

Bare with us on this one while we justify our choice of movie. Although this movie really has little to do with a bad boss, Barry (no last name needed), played by Steve Martin, is quite possibly the most pretentious boss in the world. What little part he plays in this movie is more uncomfortable than Amy Poehler surrogating for Tina Fey. Since Barry is the type of boss with a ponytail that does yoga, we decided to go low carb with this dinner salad. Let’s get in our last licks of fall and eat an autumn inspired salad while cracking up at Baby Mama.

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Autumn Harvest Salad for dinnermovie horrible bosses 2

The Proposal + Baked Alaska (via Project Foodie)

The proposal for dinner/movie horrible bosses 2via

For our final movie, there may be no meaner boss lady than Margaret Tate in The Proposal. After finding out she will be deported, Tate forces one of her most bullied employees into proposing to her in order to stay in the country. When it comes time to meet the family, Tate has to travel to beautiful Alaska to make her “relationship” official. Since Alaska is the setting for this rom com, we think basked Alaska could be the perfect dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth during this one.

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Baked Alaska for dinner/movie horrible bosses 2

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How bad is your boss? See Horrible Bosses 2 November 26th!


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