Dinner and a Movie: Stay In With November Netflix

All hail Netflix. That is what we might as well be saying every month as we check the new list of movies that are released. The November Netflix list only adds to the list of movies that are easily accessible through such a fantastic streaming site. We picked three movies we would recommend off of November’s Netflix list and three recipes to match up with the movie. Spend a few hours in the kitchen, then kick back and enjoy a movie marathon Bite Size Wellness style. Happy November everyone!

Airplane! + Moscow Mule (via Liquor.Com)

Airplane! for dinner and a movie November netflixvia

Moscow Mule for Dinner and a Movie November Netflix

Airplane! is an oldie, but it is certainly a goody.  If you need a laugh, this movie will provide. Enjoy a cocktail, airplane style, as you watch an entire flight get food poisoning. The comic relief will make up for the thought of getting sick while in such close quarters. Here’s to hoping there is no food poisoning with the recipes BSW has suggested. The irony would be uncanny.

Nebraska + Swiss Chard and Egg Casserole (via Love & Lemons)

Nebraska for Dinner and a Movie November Netflixvia

Swiss Chard and Egg Casserole for DinnerMovie November Netflix

Although critically acclaimed, Nebraska is one of those odd movies you will just have to watch to understand. The plot is based on an aging drunk who believes he has won a sweepstakes. He and his son travel to Nebraska in order for him to claim his money, but they make a few pit stops along the way. There is nothing like casserole to fill you up. Try this swiss chard and egg casserole while watching Nebraska.

The One I Love + Raspberry Almond Thumbprints (via Parent Pretty)

The One I love for Dinner and a Movie November Netflixvia

Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies for DinnerMovie November Netflix

Let’s cap the night off with The One I Love and some raspberry almond thumbprint cookies. A couple debates whether or not to break up, so they remove themselves from their every day life to work things out. There is a bigger surprise waiting for them when they take their weekend vacation. The thumbprints are the perfect treat to accompany this drama/comedy.

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Which November Netflix movie are you most excited about?



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