When to Decide if It’s DIY or Better Left to the Pros

Mortorcycle Repair

Motorcycle maintenance and repair can get expensive if you ride your bike regularly. If you’re thinking about taking over some of the regular service projects on your motorcycle, you should check your abilities, equipment and knowledge before you ever start.You can buy OEM motorcycle parts but installing those parts may not be the best idea. Here’s a guide to assessing whether to let a pro do the job or if you can take it on yourself.

Evaluate Your Skill Level

Be honest. Are you handy with tools or do you find yourself giving up when the project gets difficult? It might hard to admit that you can’t do something, but if you start the project and have to take it to a professional to finish it up, chances are it will cost even more than if you just let the pro handle it from the start. Ego doesn’t always equal ambition.

Where Will You Work?

Consider the place where you can do the project. If you don’t have a garage, you might want to leave service to the pros. You want to make sure your bike is secure while the you’re completing the repair. You might end up waiting for parts. It might take longer to fix your bike than one evening.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

While you’re thinking about space, consider whether you have the tools to make the project go easier. It’s not just a question of getting the tools, it’s whether the investment is worth it. You might want to purchase basic tools that will let you do a variety of repairs. Some repairs may take specialized equipment that you might only use once. Professionals use their tools over and over. If that’s not you, spend the money on professional service and motorcycle jackets.

Find the Service Manual – Can You Envision Yourself Doing the Repair?

Before you begin a project, spend some time reading the service manual that walks you through the procedure. Do you understand the process? Can you visualize what needs to be done before you ever take any parts off your bike? If you can see yourself handling the repair, you might be able to proceed. If you don’t feel like you have a good handle on the project, it might be better to hand it off to the pros.

How Technical Is Your Bike or the Project?

Newer bikes have more electronic equipment than those of the past. Your bike may need to be serviced by a professional to avoid voiding the warranty. Consider the age of your bike.  Maintenance that involves more than one system or highly technical systems is often better left to the pros. Wouldn’t you rather spend time riding than making repairs?

Take Care of Your Bike

If you do decide to DIY, track your repairs and service like a professional mechanic would. You probably can handle some of the basic maintenance, if that’s your thing. Just remember that some projects are best left to the pros. Purchase high quality motorcycle aftermarket parts that fit how you ride.


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