Find Understated Glamour in Montreal-Based Activewear Line Lolë

lole activewear

Montreal transplant Lolë (that stands for live out loud everyday) has landed in the U.S. The company made its first big splash stateside when its New York City store opened in June. Its celebrity fans include Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Cameron Diaz, and the company even launched an ultra-luxurious white line with famed yoga instructor Elena Brower.

I won’t lie, just looking at the clothes online made me think they were a little boring—the colors tend to be more subdued But I couldn’t have been more wrong about this brand. The clothes here are luxurious, glamorous in a very understated way and all-around good performers. If you’re searching for an elegant, high-quality brand, you may find just what you’re looking for in Lolë

Essential 2 Cardigan 

lole activewear Essential 2 Cardigan

Confession: I usually hate stripes, but this jacket made them impossible to resist. They added a touch of style and somehow managed to make me look slimmer. This is a very basic, flattering jacket. I loved how it nipped in at the waist and included zip pockets in the front too. It’s relatively light though. When I went to walk my dogs in this piece, that cold air cut right through this. I’d wear this during a warm up at a studio, but would want to don a heavier coat over top when the temperatures really plunge.

Central Tank Top

lole activewear Central Tank Top

The problem with most built-in bra tops is that they typically don’t provide enough support, especially during high-impact activities. Sure, they’re convenient, but try running in one for an extended period of time. Hurts? Doesn’t it? But this one doesn’t suffer from any such flaw. As a busty gal, I loved how much support this gave me. My chest didn’t ache after a spinning class—a relief I appreciated. It will keep your chest close and still looking flattering, no uni-boob (thankfully) here. No need to double up on bras to keep everything secure. It probably wouldn’t be the best option for any kind of extended high-impact activity like a long-distance run, but might work well with your average hour-long cardio class. Best of all? It looked so cute. The seams were very slimming, and I enjoyed wearing this perfect-for-the-holidays cranberry red color. My only issue with this was the way the back was cut. If it’s not adjusted just right, some unsightly fat can “leak” out the oval in the back. It’s not too bad, but something to watch out for if you’re self-conscience about that type of thing.

Lively Pant

lole activewear lively pant

What activewear brand has the most flattering bottoms? Lolë. And that’s a fact. I fell in love with the seams. They were sewn in all the right places. These pants gave me a coveted yoga butt, made my legs look longer and flattened my lower abs. Best of all, these are really warm. Wearing these out in Northern Virginia’s chilly temps was no problem. They passed the bend test with flying colors. However, they are pretty tight. If you’re in between sizes or don’t like your pants too tight, you’ll probably want to size up. But other than that, these are perfect.

Pasasana Capri

lole activewear Pasasana Capri

I was unsure about the burgundy color initially, but appreciated how it stood out amongst a sea of black in my closet. These were ultra stretchy, but still very flattering. Again, the seams were perfectly placed, and I appreciated the higher waist. I probably wouldn’t wear these to a really sweat-soaked class like a Bikram class since they have a cottony feel, but they’d be perfect for a bendy class like yoga or Pilates. I also liked the gray cuffs on these—roll them down if you want a longer look or roll ‘em up if you want a shorter style. It’s like getting two in one.

Flirty Thong

lole activewear

My first thought when I put this on: How luxurious. The material is so thick, but doesn’t feel bulky at all—no small feat there. This panty is comfortable and moisture-wicking too. It’s also true to size and a great all-around piece of gear. If you’re searching for activewear panties that feel just as luxurious as a nice piece of lingerie, you’ll find it here.

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I had my doubts about Lolë. Something about the brand just screamed plain. But I’m glad I shed those fears. Kate Middleton would probably wear this line since it matches her timeless style—it’s simple and elegant, with just the right amount of glamour.

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