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One of the most surprising results of the activewear “movement” (pun intended) is how big companies who were already making activewear have started to craft more fashionable pieces to compete in the “athleisure” market. Perhaps the best example of that is Under Armour. In the early to mid-2000s, only athletes would wear this. It was seen as a “jocks-only” brand, at least it was in my high school in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia. Flash forward to nearly a decade later and the brand has remade itself, with beautiful results. Indeed, I never thought I would be wearing the stuff, but it is just too downright gorgeous to pass up.

As I soon found out, Under Armour has plenty to offer the average consumer. It’s priced competitively, goes on sale, provides a wide selection of styles and performs well too. And, let’s not forget, the gorgeous, strong female ad campaigns that have generated buzz are yet another reminder that Under Armour has left locker rooms and found a home in trendy fitness studios everywhere.

1. Women’s UA Perfect Tight Printed Capri


Let’s talk about this print: I loved it. It almost looks like a gray planet; It’s a great combination of both subtle and bold. This is perfect for the active gal who wants to dabble in prints, but maybe is not ready to take the full plunge (I hear you, lady). The capris passed the bend test with flying colors and gave me a coveted, lifted posterior. Plus, these are an awesome everyday kind of legging. Get drenched in these in a hot yoga class or just wear them for a walk around the block. Regardless, know that you’re getting a high-fashion pair of capris that wicks away sweat and is comfortable to boot.

2. Women’s ColdGear Infrared Devo Hoodie 

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If Carrie Bradshaw wore activewear, she would cherish this sweatshirt. Well, maybe not as much as her Manolos, but pretty close to it. The beauty of this print cannot be overstated. The bright floral-dot print seems to sparkle. This is the perfect antidote to all the drab gray and black colored outerwear that so many sport (ha!) during the colder months. And speaking of the cold, this sweatshirt promises that “ColdGear Infrared uses a light and flexible ceramic material that absorbs body heat to keep you noticeably warmer, longer than any normal hoodie.” And, it does. Just don’t expect instant results. When you first step out into the cold, you’ll have to wait a while to warm up in it, but it will happen once you’ve started sweating, and you’ll be toasty for the rest of your workout. Plus, you’ll look so damn cute doing it, too. If you like to keep your head warm when you’re exercising outdoors, all you have to do is put the hood up.

3. Women’s UA Pure Stretch Thong

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I loved this bright purple space-dye print and how these underwear were one size fits all—that’s a rarity in the fitness world. However, these were my least favorite pick of the bunch. Sure, these performed well enough, felt comfortable and looked cute, but the pair just kept rolling down. It was a minor annoyance, but still something that bothered me. At three for $30, these are a good deal though.

4. Women’s UA Speedform No Show Socks

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After reading comments on Under Armour’s website that praised these socks to no end, I had to see what the fuss was all about. And boy, am I glad I did. These are probably the best pair of activewear socks I’ve ever owned. They’re cute, cut right at the ankle where I like ‘em, and they stick on too. Sometimes clothes that have those sticky straps on the ankles leave behind a residue, or even worse, your skin will get stuck to it when you go to take them off—just like a band-aid will—but these socks suffer from no such flaw. The only downside of these is that they’re thin. If you prefer more padding for longer runs or sweat sessions, you’ll want to look elsewhere. But if you’ve got some room in your budget for new socks, I’d highly recommend these.

5. Women’s HeatGear Alpha Mesh Short Sleeve

underarmour shirt

I enjoyed how this shirt capitalized on the current mesh trend with meshed-out panels at the top of the shirt, in front and back. Pair these with your cutest bra to show off your straps. This would be ideal for someone who wants to show a little more skin without being over the top. This fabric is silky smooth but performs as well as activewear should. I’d wear this to any cardio-based class or even just out to the bar.

6. Women’s UA HeatGear Alpha Short Sleeve Shirt 

underarmour shirt

For starters, I fell head over heels for this bright, pink color. It’s a day-glo bright and would be perfect for night-time exercisers. But aside from that, this is an all-around great T-shirt. It’s fitted, but not too tight. The shirt wicks away sweat and never looked too damp with sweat. It’s also oh-so soft and is the kind of shirt you’ll never want to take off. The material does feel almost “slippery” as its got a silky texture to it, but I never once felt uneasy on a mat because of it. If you’re the type that prefers tees to tanks, consider this one your new best friend.

If, like me, you still cling to memories of that signature “UA” symbol loudly proclaiming “jock,” let ‘em go. And when you do, chances are you’ll fall in love with a few of Under Armour’s goods. After all, the mid-aughts were a very long time ago.

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