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From incredible activewear to the best thing since chopped kale, we'll keep you in the loop with our Fun & Fads.

classic movies casablanca feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Some Old Time Classics

The best dishes for the best movies.
new on netflix feat image

Dinner and a Movie: New on Netflix in October

Friday night is the perfect night to stay in after a long week. Don't you think?

We Review: SKINS Compression Sportswear Is Perfect For The Athlete Within...

We were recently invited to the SKINS Compression Sportswear event in New York City for the release of their new Spring fitness apparel line. Not...
reese witherspoon feat image

Dinner and a Movie: The Good Lie

As sweet as [mini apple] pie!
dinner and a movie novel turned movie

Dinner and a Movie: Novels to Movies

It seems to be that all of our favorite books are being transformed into movies lately. The most recent best-seller gone movies are The Giver and...
tasc performance feat image

Tasc Performance: Bamboo That Performs

Eco-friendly workout clothing - Good for you and the planet!
com ing of age movies feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Coming of Age Movies

Growing up can be so scary (and fun).
romance movies dinner and a movie feat image

Dinner and a Movie: Romance Movies for August

Sounds like a perfect night in to us!
Alfred Hitchcock Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie: A Medley of Alfred Hitchcock

This week's dinner and a movie is for the man who made the "thriller" movie what it is: Alfred Hitchcock. 60 years ago on...
Dinner and a Movie Scarlett Johansson Feat Image

Dinner and a Movie: The Scarlett Johansson Marathon

The beauty is back. Scarlett Johansson is starring in the movie Lucy, premiering July 25, 2014, in which her character's mind is transformed in...
Dinner and a Movie Cooking Couture

Dinner and a Movie: Cooking Couture

This Dinner & a Movie might make you a professional chef in no time.
Dinner and a Movie Inspirational Movies Featured Image

Dinner and a Movie: Inspirational Movies to Get You to the...

A delicious 3-course meal and 3 great movies. What could be better?
Celebrity gym style featured image

Celebrity Gym Style We Envy!

Celebrities: They're just like us!


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Dealing with pain is not easy especially if it is on the muscles. While other people resolve to use the regular painkillers, it is...

How Many Sessions of Acupuncture are Needed?

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