Dinner and a Movie: Happy Anniversary Fight Club!

You have heard it oh so many times: “He’s amazing, he’s beautiful, he’s so talented, he looks so good with a baby on his arm…” If you don’t know who we are talking about, think harder. His marriage to Angelina Jolie just a few weeks ago made headlines. That’s right: it is The Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt may have started his career as a pretty boy, but he will certainly be ending (and hopefully not too soon) as one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. His roles have won him admiration and actual awards. On October 15 1999, a film titled Fight Club hit (no pun intended) theaters in a big way. Pitt starred as Tyler Durden, a slightly deranged soap producer who creates an underground fight club.  This week’s dinner and a movie is celebrating Fight Club‘s 15th anniversary (which premiered on October 15th in theaters) and the incredible Brad Pitt. Come dine with us, and let’s watch just a few of Pitt’s many outstanding movies!

Legends of the Falls + Asparagus Summer Tart (via Fox News Magazine)

Legends of the Falls for Dinner Movie Fight Clubvia

Tell us Brad Pitt as Tristan was not you’re first celebrity crush. We won’t believe you, anyways. Pitt is an absolute heart throb as the dare devil Tristan living off the land in Legends of the Falls. A movie about the relationship between three very different brothers pre-WWI and the years following, Pitt will have you swooning as the burly, nature man he is. It may not be summer anymore, but this Asparagus Summer Tart is a great appetizer to have with this movie!

Asparagus Appetizer for Dinner and a Movie Fight Club

Oceans 11 +  Stuffed Shells (via Bev Cooks)

Oceans 11 for dinner movie fight clubvia

Moving onto one of Pitt’s biggest movies, Ocean’s 11 has one of the most stacked casts of all time. Pitt beside Clooney, Roberts, and Damon… who could ask for more? Well clearly one of these films wasn’t enough, because two more were made to follow it. If you like heist films, then Ocean’s 11 will become one of your new Pitt favorites.  to go alongside it, try a dinner dish that is sure to impress. Stuffed shells should do the trick!

Spicy Chicken Stuffed Shells For dinner and a movie fight Club

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button + Raspberry Thumbprints (via Baker By Nature)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for Dinner Movie Fight CLubvia

This is a personal Pitt favorite: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the story of Benjamin, who ages backwards. It is one of Brad Pitt’s deepest and most thought-provoking films, and the cinematography is something to simply be captivated by. Have some old-fashioned raspberry thumbprint cookies while the mesmerizing Brad Pitt makes you question the meaning of life.

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies for Dinner and a Movie Fight Club

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What Brad Pitt movie is your favorite?



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