Dinner and a Movie: Coming of Age Movies

Boyhood seems to be making all the Hollywood news at the moment, so if you haven’t heard of it, it is time to be enlightened. Boyhood is a movie that has been shot with the same actor, Ellar Coltrane, over 13 years from age 5 through 18. It is a coming of age movie that is unlike any other because it has been shot for over a decade, so needless to say, it is making waves in the movie world.

With this movie at the forefront of cinema culture right now, we can’t help but think of all of the other great coming of age movies we have watched over the years. For this week’s dinner and a movie, let’s have a good cry and watch some of our favorite movies about growing up. After your marathon, don’t walk, run to your nearest movie theater to see Boyhood!

To Kill a Mockingbird + Cucumber and Tomato Salad (via Add a Pinch)

To Kill a Mockingbird for Dinner Movie Coming of Agevia

It was our favorite book in high school English class and the movie version is just as good. To Kill a Mockingbird is the classic tale of Atticus Finch’s unpopular decision to defend a black man in the south during an era of prejudice. Atticus’ children Scout and Jem face the summer and learn a thing or two about the judgment of others under their father’s roof. Cool down in the southern summer heat with Scout and Jem with a cucumber and tomato salad.

Cucumber and Tomato Salad for DinnerMovie Coming of Age

The Way Way Back + Grilled Chicken with Barley Corn Salad (via Iowa Girl Eats)

The Way Way Back for DinnerMovie Coming of Age Moviesvia

The Way Way Back is a recent movie that stole the hearts of many. As a mother and son duo set out on a summer vacation with the mother’s new boyfriend, the son finds himself and his maturity in an unfamiliar place. Duncan lands a job and meets a few people who teach him a thing or two about life and happiness. The end of the movie will restore your faith in humanity. BBQ with Duncan, his mom, and her awful boyfriend with this incredibly delicious grilled chicken.

Grilled Chicken and Barley Corn Salad for DinnerMovie Coming of Age

16 Candles + Mini Birthday Cakes (via Wedding Chicks)

16 Candles for DinnerMovie Coming of Age Storiesvia

Last but not least, it may be corny, but there is nothing like a Molly Ringwald movie for a coming of age movie marathon. 16 Candles tells the story of Samantha, a girl whose 16th birthday is overshadowed by everything else in the world. Dig into a mini birthday cake while celebrating Samantha’s not so great 16th birthday.

Mini Cakes for DinnerMovie Coming of Age

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What are your favorite coming of age movies?


  1. I am totally having a movie night tonight! Couldn’t be more excited, however now I have to decide what movie to pounce on! I will however try out that BOMB chicken!


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