Dinner and a Movie: Romance Movies for August

Although it may not be Valentine’s Day, August is Romance Awareness Month, and we thought there is no better way to remember romance than to take a look at the great romances in film history. Of course, there are way too many to count, but we picked out a few of our favorite couples to marvel at for this week’s dinner and a movie. Never forget the great couples who make us dream of passionate love…

The Notebook + Spinach Dip Bites ( via Chocolate Chocolate and More Chocolate)

The Notebook for DinnerMovie Epic Romances.jpgImage via coverlayout

This romantic pick is shameless. We know that Allie and Noah might be a recent epic romance, but they are undeniably one of the best romances. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love the way they did? Whether they are fighting or playing, these two have everything anyone could ever want in love. They remind us that young love can grow into old love and if it does, it is usually rock solid. Try an appetizer delectable enough to serve at one of Allie’s family parties. This recipe for spinach dip bites should do the trick.

Spinach Dip Bites for Dinner and a movie Epic Romances.jpg

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Love Story + One Skillet Lasagna (Via I Heart Eating)

Love Story for DinnerMovie Epic romances.jpgImage via movieclips

This ones is a heart wrencher, but it is one of the best love stories (to quote the title) of all times. Love Story is about the importance of challenging your other half and supporting them when life gets tough. Jenny and Oliver are quick to prove each other wrong, but always quick to defend one another. Try a simple dinner recipe in honor of the financially strenuous times Oliver and Jenny made it through on Ramen noodles. This one skillet lasagna will last you for the rest of the week if you portion it correctly!

One Skillet Lasagna for DInnerMovie Epic Romances.jpg

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Up + Peach Cobbler (Via Two Twenty One)

Up for Dinner Movie Epic Romances.jpgImage via rollingwiththemagicblog

Who says an animated film can’t teach us everything we need to know about being in love? Carl and Ellie have (arguably) one of the most epic romances ever. If this movie didn’t bring you to tears, then get your ducts checked. These two are so in love with each other, that Carl will do anything to fulfill the the couple’s life long dream of seeing Paradise Falls, even if that means he has to make the trip alone. For a romance this sweet, have a peach cobbler for dessert!

Peach Cobbler for DinnerMovie Epic Romances.jpg.jpg

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Which romance movie is your favorite?


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