Halloween Movies Paired With The Ultimate Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween! As you have probably already figured out, we are taking full advantage of the holiday to make some creative Halloween-inspired recipes, while watching our favorite Halloween movies. If you aren’t a fan of horror movies, you’re in luck. We are channeling our inner kid (we all know the year trick or treating became unacceptable was a tough one) and watching some of the Halloween movies that are a bit on the lighter side. If you are into the whole terrifying, never sleeping again movie, than by all means feel free to substitute them anywhere, but we bet you will like what we have picked, almost as much as you like the recipes! Just an FYI, since Halloween means candy

, most of the recipes we picked might have you at the dentist’s office by next week. Splurge! it is only one day a year you get to eat all the sweets you like… Plus, they will be filled with ingredients you can trust because you made them yourself! Happy Halloween and happy dinner and a movie!

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The Addams Family + Caramel Popcorn (via Ruffled)

The Addams Family for Dinner and a Movie Halloweenvia

Every family is slightly wacky, but The Addams Family is really something else. This classic television series turned movie picks out one instance in the life of the Addams’ family and plays off of it for an entire movie. If you are a fan of comedy from creepy, this movie will be the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. The only thing better than the movie is the caramel popcorn you will be munching on. An easy snack recipe and a hilarious movie, what more can you ask for?

Caramel Popcorn for DInner and a Movie Halloween

The Witches + Halloween Bark (via Sweet C’s)

The Witches for Dinner and a movie Halloweenvia

Who remembers this movie? Remember the book The Witches by your favorite children’s author, Roald Dahl? Well Angelica Houston stars as the lead witch in the movie portrayal of The Witches, and really she could not be better suited for the role. A high class society woman runs an organization to help children… or is she really a witch in disguise? Try out another easy candy recipe with this Halloween bark. We told you a few cavities were in your future… You better floss!

Halloween Bark for Dinner and a Movie Halloween

Hocus Pocus + Oatmeal Pumpkin Cream Pies (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

Hocus Pocus for Dinner and a Movie Halloweenvia

You didn’t think we forgot everyones number one favorite Halloween movie did you? Hocus Pocus is the only movie that people wait all year long to watch, and then watch it every time it is on TV through the month of October. The Sanders sisters may have made the corniest Halloween movie of all time, but there is no denying that feeling of satisfaction when you have watched it all the way through. Settle in for the childhood memories with Hocus Pocus and oatmeal pumpkin cream pies!

Oatmeal Pumpkin Cream Pie for Dinner and a Movie Halloween

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What are your plans for Halloween night?


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