7 Tips For A Healthy & Happy Halloween

The holidays are always fun – a fact no one can deny. It’s a time to spend with your family and friends, simply enjoying each other’s company. That being said, the holidays always involve at least a teensy bit of anxiety, drinking (if you’re an adult, of course), and a plethora of unhealthy foods that will make you feel good for a second but just ick the next morning.

Nothing could be truer especially for Halloween. Dressing up is always exciting, but what would Halloween be without the parties and the candy? Here is how to make sure you make the most of the night, memories, and your health before, during, and after the spooky festivities.

1. Dress How You Want To

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When it comes to Halloween, dressing up somehow always ends up becoming a time for girls to feel pressured into looking a certain way. Let’s just say that female costume designs have become increasingly “minimalist” and we’re here to tell you that it is not always necessary. The number one way to be and feel healthy is to feel comfortable in your own skin. If what makes you happy is wearing a skimpy uniform, go for it. If you can think of nothing more horrendous, than wear something else. Halloween is not about conforming, it’s about thinking outside of the box and being someone else for the night! We promise people will be just as impressed by a full-length gown as you think they will be by a skimpy costume.

2. Limit Sips and Treats

Whether you’re staying in to pass out treats or going out to party, Halloween always seems to become a candy or booze fest. Make sure to know your limits. It’s always OK to indulge now and again – especially on holidays! – just don’t overdo it. Of course, this is something easier said than done, but great to keep in mind. Some great advice would be to make sure you have a healthy day of meals (including dinner) on Halloween so your body isn’t begging for food come nightfall. Here are some more tips on how to make it easier.

3. Host Your Own Party

healthy halloween tips

The best way to keep the above in check is by hosting your own party! Provide your guests with spooky (but healthful) snacks and lower calorie beverage options that won’t wreak complete and total havoc on your routine.

4. Group Activities

healthy halloween tips

Instead of going out or staying home, how about a happy medium? You can take advantage of the holiday by suggesting fun group activities like going for a hay ride, taking a haunted house tour, or even staying home to make some crafts. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t get bored (ensuring you’ll reach for that bowl of chocolates) or feel pressured into getting too wild!

5. Damage Control

Naturally, all we can do is advise you, but if Halloween ends up becoming a night of debauchery that is totally OK, too, and doesn’t make you a “bad” person. The key lies in knowing what to do after. Start your day off right by drinking a tall glass of water. When we say tall, we mean it. As a matter of fact, I would recommend steadily drinking a liter of water throughout the next morning as this will re-hydrate your body – essential if you went out drinking the night before or were eating high-sodium/sugary foods.

6. Throw OUT the Candy (Or Donate)

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If you have extra snacks and candy from the night before, get it out of your sight. We’re all about indulging here and there, but what is not OK is thinking that because you splurged the night before you might as well just keep on eating what you like. You will be surprised by how much your body will bounce back after a day of hydrating and clean eating. You don’t necessarily have to waste food by throwing it away, but you can consider donating or passing it out to others instead.

The key, however, is just having FUN! You won’t feel good about or fulfilled with the festivities if you weren’t wearing or doing what you wanted to.

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What are some healthy Halloween tips you would give?

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