Dinner and a Movie: Getting Swanky with Hilary Swank

Guess who turned the big four-oh on July 30th? Hilary Swank! You would never have guessed it because she always looks so young, but the actress will officially be out of her thirties now and for that we think this is a call for celebration. We can thank Hilary Swank for a lot of movies that brought us to tears. Somehow, almost all of her films are powerful enough to motivate you, yet devastating enough to keep the tissue box at hand. We can’t deny that this week’s dinner and a movie will include some of Hilary’s emotional films, but all the more reason to watch her impeccable performances! Happy 40th Ms. Swank!

Boys Don’t Cry + Cinnamon Honey Sweet Potato Chips (Via Undressed Skeleton)

Boys Don't Cry for Dinner and a Movie Hilary Swank.jpgImage via Rob Trench

Boys Don’t Cry is quite arguably the film that put Hilary Swank on the map as an actress. She plays the very emotional roll of Brandon Teena, a female who identifies as a male growing up in Nebraska. The film is based on a true story and may be difficult to watch. Swank has been endlessly praised for this role, so we highly recommend it.  Instead of our usual appetizer or drink, we are staying light with some cinnamon honey sweet potato chips.

Sweet Potato Chips for Dinner and a Movie Hilary Swank

Freedom Writers + Chicken Fried Rice (via Rachel Schultz)

Freedom Writers for Dinner and a Movie Hilary Swank.jpgImage via Reeling

Quite frankly (or Swankly), we don’t really care that this is constantly a Friday night movie pick on MTV, this Freedom Writers is a great/ bad movie. The acting is sub par (not Hilary Swank’s of course), and the story, although true, is also played out, but that is not to say the message is lost. This movie is both fun and a tearjerker, and it can make you really appreciate your blessings. Since this is a Friday night MTV movie pick, we chose to pair it with chicken fried rice, because you can’t watch a movie like this without Chinese take-out (from your own stove).

Chicken Friend Rice for Dinner and a Movie Hilary Swank.jpg

Million Dollar Baby + Chocolate Covered Raspberries (via Sugar Hero)

Million Dollar Baby for Dinner and a Movie Hilary Swank.jpgImage via fanpop

We will admit that we have already used Million Dollar Baby for a previous dinner and a movie night (award winners night), but Hilary nailed it in this performance, so it would be silly not to include it. Watch this movie with a light dessert (we can’t watch Swank training while eating a decadently sweet treat without feeling a little bit guilty). Try this recipe for chocolate covered raspberries to get you through the end of the marathon!

Chocolate Covered Raspberries for Dinner and a Movie Hilary Swank.jpg

Happy 4oth Birthday Hilary Swank!



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