Dinner and a Movie: Hispanic Heritage Month

We don’t know about you, but some of our favorite foods have their roots in the Hispanic culture. All the flavors that make food zesty and downright delicious can be found in Hispanic food, and that might be the reason we just can’t get enough of it. Well there is some good news for you if you love Hispanic food as much as we do, September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Obviously with such an observance, we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to celebrate the food and movies that have originated from Hispanic culture, so this week’s dinner and a movie is all about the dishes from Hispanic cultures and the films that make us want to eat them.

Selena + White Sangria (via Full Fork Ahead)

Hispanic movie Selena for DinnerMovie- Hispanic Heritage

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Let’s start the night with everyone’s favorite movie about the Latin American singer/song writer Selena. The movie stars Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who had an early and tragic end to her life. The movie tells the story of Selena’s rise to fame and all that came with it. She became America’s Latin American sweetheart, and her songs can’t be sung without someone welling up. We know you think we are joking with this late 90’s feature film, but we aren’t. Selena the movie is almost as perfect as Selena herself. A little white sangria anyone? This beverage recipe will only prep you for the movies to come.

hispanic movies White Sangria for DinnerMovie Hispanic Heritage

El Norte + Carnitas Tamale Pie (Via Pinch of Yum)

hispanic movies El Norte for DinnerMovie- Hispanic Heritage

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On a bit more serious note, El Norte tells the story of two indigenous Mayans whose are forced to leave their home in Guatemala in order to survive. Where to go, but north? The story follows the two through the treacherous journey to North America, and the even more trying times upon their arrival. The social injustice in this movie will have you reeling. While you are being educated over the terrors in this world, and fuming at the inequities in life, at least enjoy your  Carnitas Tamale Pie.

hispanic movies Carnitas Tamale Peif ro DinnerMovie- Hispanic Heritage Month

The Motorcycle Diaries + Dulce de Leche Vanilla Cake (via I Adore Food)

hispanic movies The Motorcycle Diaries for DinnerMovie Hispanic Heritage

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For a pick-me-up after El Norte, watch The Motorcycle Diaries. Che Guevara – the name you might know from the Cuban Revolution in history class – takes a trip on his motorcycle around the world to leave behind a past and discover a future. In the process of his travels, he learns more about himself and his true calling in life: AKA saying no more to capitalists running South America. It is definitely a stretch on Guevara’s discoveries, but it is a great movie. Taste the sweeter side of hispanic food with a little dulce de leche!

hispanic movies Dule de Leche Cake for DinnerMovie Hispanic Heritage

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What is your favorite thing about Hispanic Heritage Month?



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