Cozying Up to Matthew McConaughey and Cake!

Guess what, everyone? November 4th is one of the biggest holidays of the year. No, it’s not election day. It is the day the most beautiful man alive was born. We know you are racking your brain by People’s Magazine’s most beautiful men of the year issue, but we can just tell you: it is Matthew McConaughey. That’s right, Matthew McConaughey is turning 45 this year and we are going to celebrate. This week’s dinner and a movie is all about the man that we pray will take his shirt off every time he is on the screen. Happy Birthday Matthew McConaughey, this one is for you.

Failure to Launch + Tomato and Spinach Pie (via Diet Hood)

Failure to Launch for Dinner and a Movie Matthew McConaugheyvia

Well then, let’s dive right in with Failure to Launch. We know quite well that Matthew McConaughey is not one of those actors with only a rep for the chick flicks. He is a dynamic actor with more talent than many of the actors out there, however there is no guilty pleasure like the Matthew McConaughey rom-com. That being said, let’s remember the time that Sarah Jessica Parker conned McConaughey into moving out of his parents’ home. It may be cheesy, but not as cheesy as the tomato spinach pie you will be making. There is nothing like going to your parents home when they are making breakfast. For a movie based around never leaving home, try this breakfast recipe!

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Spinach and Tomato Pie for Dinner and a Movie Matthew McConaughey

We Are Marshall + Turkey Spinach Sliders (via Bon Appetit)

We are Marshall for Dinner and a Movie Matthew McConaugheyvia

For one of those serious movies we were talking about, We Are Marshall features McConaughey as the new football coach of a football team trying to keep it together post plane crash. Collective sigh. McConaughey mentoring youth and being the muscle behind keeping an entire football team/town together? We vote yes on watching this one. Be warned: McConaughey sports a comb over in this one, but his smile still steals the show. How do we eat a fotball player’s meal without feeling like a line backer afterwards? These turkey burger sliders should do just the trick!

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Turkey Spinach Sliders for Dinner and a Movie Matthew McConaughey

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days + The King of Napoleons (via Let the Baking Begin)

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days for Dinner and a Movie Matthew McConaugheyvia

Lastly, for the movie that makes us swoon over that McConaughey accent, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, is no argument McConaughey’s most prized chick flick. His chemistry with Kate Hudson is utterly undeniable, and we can’t help but fall in love with these two every second of this movie. Watch as two go-getters make a bet to advance their career, only to find that true feelings are unbeatable. While you coo at this movie, try a The King of Napoleon’s cake. There’s nothing like a flakey Napoleon cake to melt in your mouth while you melt in your seat over this classic McConaughey rom-com.

King of Napoleons for Dinner and a Movie Matthew McConaughey

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Happy Birthday Matthew McConaughey! What’s your favorite McConaughey film?


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