Dinner and A Movie: Remembering Robin Williams

We are as regretful as the rest of the world to mourn the loss of the beloved actor/comedian Robin Williams. Williams was a truly magnificent fixture in Hollywood for so many years, his passing is still a shock for many fans. Instead of dwelling on the sadness though, BSW  wants to remember Robin Williams in his prime for his spectacular performances and even more impressive comedic talents. It has been A difficult task to pick jus 3 movies that Robin Williams took out breath away in, so we have tried to vary the films so we could remember all the different types of roles that Williams played. We haven’t forgotten the plethora of times his acting has inspire us, we only hope that these three movies can encompass everything he stood for as an actor. Remember the genius that is Robin Williams for this week’s dinner and a movie.

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Aladdin + Hummus and Chips (via Sweet Anna’s)

Aladdin for Dinner and a Movie Robin Williamsvia

How could we not start with the movie so many of us consider a staple from our childhood. Robin Williams plays the voice of Aladdin’s genie, who grants him three wishes. As many people have used social media to remark on Williams’ passing, the genie is freed at the end of the movie after he makes Aladdin’s wishes come true. With some colorful adult humor to please parents and even funnier kids humor, Robin Williams managed to captivate an audience of all ages. Watch a childhood favorite while eating an adulthood favorite: hummus and chips.

hummus for dinner and a movie Robin Williams

Good Will Hunting + Vegan Loaded Potato Skins (Via Lunch Box Bunch)

Good Will Hunting for Dinner and a Movie Robin Williamsvia

For the time that Williams made us all think and consider what life is for each of us we can watch Good Will Hunting. If you haven’t seen this classic, prepare to feel drained and invigorated all at the same time. Williams puts on his serious face to play a psychologist who helps a brilliant janitor find direction in his life. Watch Good Will Hunting with healthier potato skins. They’re vegan!

Vegan Loaded Potato Skind for Dinner and a Movie Robin Williams

Patch Adams + Strawberry Pretzel Salad (Via My Baking Addiction)

Patch Adams for Dinner and a Movie robin Williamsvia

Last but not least, watch Robin Williams in Patch Adams. this movie combines Williams’ humorous and serious sides, so it is the perfect way to cap off a marathon to remember the great phenomenal actor. Williams plays a doctor who heals through therapeutic comedy. Ever had hospital jello? Well we hope this recipe is a bit better than that.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad for Dinner and a Movie Robin Williams

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What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?



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