Fun & Fads prAna Activewear Apparel: A Yogi’s Dream

prAna Activewear Apparel: A Yogi’s Dream

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When it comes to activewear and workout apparel, I am very particular. I only wear compression shorts and always need just the right fit – especially when it comes to tops. This is really the case because I am undoubtedly “bigger busted” and the old saying “if you go it, flaunt it” never really resonated with me. The last thing I want to do in the gym or studio is “flaunt it”.

That is why nothing annoys me more than practicing inversions or flowing through Chaturanga into upward facing dog only to notice that half of my cleavage has been exposed or that I have to adjust my clothing every time I come up into Virabhadrasana (AKA Warrior One).

For me, the goal when it comes to workout clothing is to be comfortable and discreet. I enjoy simple detailing and a darker palette (think: black) that will take me to and from the gym 6 days a week but won’t cost me an arm and a leg. While I love new workout clothes, I always thought overspending on apparel that would get thoroughly sweat through a little unjustifiable (albeit unnecessary).

Where did all these qualifications lead me to? prAna.

While I first thought of the brand as solely offering yoga apparel, after visiting their showroom I realized they were so much more than just that. I would certainly describe their aesthetic as “athleisure” – merging both activewear and sporty, earthy street style. While you can wear their clothes at the gym for anything from yoga to running, you can also throw on one of their adorable dresses on your way out and head to brunch with friends.

I was lucky enough to try on a couple of their athletic apparel offerings and give them a test run at my favorite Vinyasa class.

Soleil Bra, $49 

prana clothing soleil bra

As I mentioned earlier, I am very particular about my workout tops and bras. Comfort, coverage and support are not only appreciated but totally necessary.  I often find that selections either offer complete coverage and support but are insufferably uncomfortable or totally comfortable but offer nothing in terms of containing the “girls”. That was not the case with this design. Essentially 2 bras in 1, this style offers support in addition to trendy detailing. The criss-cross back doesn’t hurt its overall look a bit and will forever be a feature that I can’t get enough of! Overall, this bra was certainly a pleasant surprise that I could rate a 10 out of 10.

Dreaming Top, $69

prana clothing dreaming top

The dreaming top feels like a dream. At first I was a little apprehensive about a tight fit, but all my worries went away once I put this gem on. It fit like a glove in the absolute best way possible. Stretchy and form-fitting, this top hits you right in all the best places. Yet again, the intricate design on the back makes it extra gorgeous. Who wouldn’t feel like a million bucks when they’re doing yoga in this top? It should be noted that if you are interested in doing something at high intensity, this might not be the best option out there but it’s perfect for yoga or pilates.  While it comes with a built in bra, I would definitely suggest doubling up on the bras under this to save you from some aforementioned mishaps…

While I’m a brand loyalist, I think I’ve found a brand new athletic apparel line to love!

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