Are Dear Kate Yoga Pants a True Miracle?

Dear kate pants

Underwear company Dear Kate definitely had one eventful year. The company’s advertising campaign featuring real female coders wearing Dear Kate panties received plenty of press, and the company’s latest innovative creation represents two important trends in the consumer product world: crowd-funding and responding to consumer wants.

In an innovate turn of events, the latest Dear Kate leggings are designed to be worn sans panties. After surveying more than 900 women about what they wanted in a yoga pant, Dear Kate created a Kickstarter fund to launch the product.

The demand was high. The project ended up making more than $150,000, and its goal was $15,000. Who knows? Maybe the future of products really does lie in the consumer’s hands.

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Dear kate pants

Understandably, I had to see the results for myself, so the company sent me a pair to try out. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I always wear underwear when I work out, so I was a little hesitant to don these, but I never once felt exposed.

This pair is outfitted with an absorbent pad in the center that absorbs liquid. If you tend to “leak” during your workouts (sorry to get graphic here, but it’s more common than you might think), these might be worth a try. It’s not meant as a substitute for a sanitary pad, though, so you’ll want to keep wearing tampons or other menstrual products when your cycle hits. I was beyond impressed by how these kept away odors, too. They still smelled fresh after a barre class and numerous walks around my neighborhood. No small feat there. The insulation factor was nice too. I felt fairly warm wandering around in Northern Virginia’s chilly temps. The fabric performed as well as the best technical fabrics do. I never felt overheated or like sweat was clinging to me either.

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Dear kate pants

A note about the fit: these are tight and run small.  The leggings are low rise, but they hug your hips tight. If you’re a little apprehensive about that, wear a longer tank top to prevent accidental exposure. I’d suggest sizing up if you’re between sizes. After all, you wouldn’t want these to fall down on you during CrossFit or yoga. Need specialty sizing? Dear Kate’s is also known for its petite and plus size offerings. So most of them should fit the average woman.

These weren’t flawless. I wasn’t crazy about the way the long leggings gathered at the bottom. It looked somewhat sloppy and unintentional instead of like a intentional design trait. I also wasn’t crazy about the compression factor these offered. The best compression lifts, sucks in and smoothes everything out. These did give me that coveted “yoga butt,” but I can’t say they shaped me well.

On price: At $128 to $158 a pair, these are not cheap. Thanks to their return policy, however, if you try these and don’t like them, you can always exchange them. Although these weren’t perfect, I was impressed with how they performed. If you’re searching for a pair you can wear without underwear and don’t mind shelling out, feel free to give these a go.

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Would you try the Dear Kate underwear-less leggings?


    • I feel the same as you. I like the idea in theory, but also a little like an accident waiting to happen. It’s a great concept, though!


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