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Brittney Helmrich is a Drew University graduate with a passion for snark. She's a Cold War history nerd who loves vegetarian food, has a serious Tumblr addiction, and can turn absolutely anything into a reaction GIF. She's also the human embodiment of #sorrynotsorry.


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What Is Making You Tired & When To See A Doctor

Just about everyone that you speak to today will understand what it is like to feel tired from time to time. We live in...
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How Plastic Surgery Can Fix Your Trouble Spots

We all have body parts that we dislike and feel self-conscious about. These “trouble spots” cause many of us to lose confidence and have...
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How to Ditch Bad Habits and Remove Negative Influnences

Part of living a healthy and positive lifestyle requires you to ditch bad habits, remove negative influences, and curb reckless behaviors. Most people are...