H2Own Up: 5 Filtering Water Bottles For Guilt-Free Hydration

Staying physically active and fit and eating quality foods aren’t the only ways to stay healthy. In fact, maintaining good health isn’t just about what you put in or do to your body — it’s about how you treat your environment, too. A healthy, happy planet leads to a healthy, happy body and mind, too. One of the most important things to remember in maintaining your personal health is staying hydrated, but staying hydrated for many people still includes purchasing and toting around disposable plastic water bottles, and even if you recycle, others might not be. According to Greatist, more than 80% of water bottles wind up in landfills, and when they finally decompose about 450 years later, they release toxic chemicals into the environment. Yikes!

Many have turned to refillable water bottles, but to some, the idea of drinking unfiltered tap water is disturbing and to others, the idea of having to search for a clean water source (like a water fountain or otherwise) is frustrating. Not to worry, though. If you’re ready to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly source of hydration, there are plenty of amazing BPA free water bottles with built in filters! That’s right — just find a sink, fill it up, and you’re good to go with clean, filtered water. And if protecting the environment isn’t enough incentive for you, consider this: if you were to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day for a year, the cost (when using tap water) would be a mere 50 cents. The cost if you were using only bottled water? $1,400. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

Bobble Bottles

Bobble Bottles(image via)

The Bobble bottle is my personal favorite, because of its simple, sleek design, fun colors, low price, and most importantly — it works! The Bobble bottle itself costs around $8.99 (for a medium sized bottle) and you can buy a two-pack of replacement filters for around $9.99, and each filter lasts for about 300 uses. There’s also a portable cap version that comes with an easy to carry handle. Check out the official website for more details!

CamelBak Groove

CamelBak Groove Filtering Water Bottle

It feels like CamelBak is the preferred brand of refillable water bottles, because almost everyone I know has one these days. The CamelBak Groove, however, features the addition of a built-in filter, comes in a handful of different colors, and runs about $20. The filter lasts for about 3 months, or 48 gallons of water. You can buy one here.


Gobie H2O

If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank then you might just recognize the GOBIE H2O bottle. It claims to be the “the first100% biodegradable, zero-waste water bottle.” The filter lasts for about 100 gallons of water, and replacements cost $9.99 while the bottle itself costs $29.95. Find out more on the GOBIE H2O website.

Nubo Bottles

Nubo Bottle(image via)

The Nubo bottle is a “reusable 16 oz water bottle with a direct pour, gravity fed filter that is able to convert regular tap water into great tasting, healthy, and refreshing water,” that costs about $18.95 (filter replacements cost around $6.) You can check out the Nubo Bottle on their website.

WaterU Fresh Sip

WaterU Fresh Sip

The WaterU Fresh Sip bottle, like the CamelBak Groove, has a filter built in to the straw to make drinking even easier. At the lowest price on the list (only $6.99 on Amazon) the WaterU is perfect if you’re on a really tight budget. You can buy it in Walgreens stores or on Amazon, and find out more on the official WaterU website.

What’s your favorite water bottle?


  1. I definitely have the first two bottles! For some reason, I never use water bottles like these, I buy the bottles at the grocery store and re-use them. I know that’s NOT healthy, but for some reason, I do it! I need to get into using these bottles. Maybe my problem is CLEANING them!


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