Video: Christmas Jammies [Merry Christmas!]

Sending out Christmas cards during the holiday season is tradition. For many people, it’s a time to catch up with, or just reach out to, loved ones who we may not always talk to or see year-round. A lot of families send out holiday “newsletters” which is a way of letting their friends and family know what’s been going on in their lives in the last year, like who got a new job, who’s engaged, who’s starting school (or graduating!) and more.

In a world where we spend more time texting and emailing than having face-to-face contact, it’s a refreshing change to receive hand-written cards and letters during the holiday season. But, with technology taking over our lives, however, it’s no surprise that some people have taken to the internet to spread Christmas cheer to their families and loved ones (and millions of strangers around the world.) The Holderness family did just that this year, recording their Christmas newsletter as a rap video on YouTube called “#XMAS JAMMIES” and it’s pretty amazing.

While we love the sentiment of a hand-written card, the effort put into this video is much appreciated. The video features the accomplishments of all the members of the family, and the kids are super cute. Not to mention, their Christmas jammies are pretty fabulous.

Maybe next year you should ditch the cards and send a video instead!

Merry Christmas!


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