Video: How Restaurants Keep You Addicted to Their Food

Think you can eat healthy at a restaurant? Think again.

Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma (which is a great, enlightening book all about the food industry, if you haven’t already read it) made this video with the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts to discuss the restaurant industry, and it’s pretty eye-opening. We already know that most restaurant food is not good for us, but just how bad is it?

According to Pollan, the main thing that makes food good for you is not the nutritional value of the food or the calories it contains, but rather, who prepares it. When fresh food is made by humans, it’s already much healthier than food made by corporations. Why? Because food corporations use much more salt, fat, and sugar in their recipes, which obviously tastes great, but is really unhealthy and addictive. Not only do these food corporations make you crave more of their food, but they also make it so convenient that you’ll be more likely to go to restaurants and get them instead of preparing them yourself, especially if those foods are ones that require a lot of effort or cook time.

Want to find out more about how food corporations keep you addicted? Check out the video below:

How often do you eat at restaurants?


  1. I eat out a couple of times a week, but usually at smaller independently owned places-not corporate restaurants, so (I think) the food tends to be fresher and not filled with too many weird additives…


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