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How to Bring the Weekend Feeling to Work

Why oh why do the weekends go so fast? Who decided the 5-day work week, 2-day weekend ratio? Not cool. I want more lounge days...

Find a Balance: Make a List for your Health

I have always been one to say “yes” to things that come my way. Partially because I’m a people pleaser. Partially because I like to be busy.

Eating at Work: 4 Ways to Healthy Lunch Success

Life is crazy busy and eating healthy isn’t always as easy as it sounds. My husband recently decided that he really wanted to change his eating habits and incorporate more whole, clean foods into his diet.

Sitting Posture while in the Car

For those of you that spend much of your day in the car, you have probably heard and thought about ergonomics.

Earth Day the Healthy Living Way

Earth Day is a great celebration, but environmental issues don’t disappear once the day ends. In both healthy and green living, we sometimes wonder what one small action can really do.

Tidbits to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Guest Post by Tracy Hartley PT, DPT Preventing carpal tunnel syndrome is a lot easier than treating this repetitive strain injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is...

Baring it All: Good, Bad and Doing it Again in NYC

You may be wondering: who is this Talia character that keeps posting all these healthy living tips over on the main site? Well now...

Roll up your Sleeve: January is National Blood Donor Month

The holidays have passed but the giving should not come to a close. Honor National Blood Donor Month this January by donating blood to...

Desk Dining, Part 3: Manner School

Eating at your desk is sometimes unavoidable, but your eating habits at home may not transfer well in an office environment. A quick bite...

Desk Dining, Part 2: Be Portion Savvy

Today desk dining is becoming a common (and sometimes expected) part of the office environment. In fact, according to the 2011 Desktop Dining Survey by...

Desk Dining, Part 1: Keeping it Clean

Find that your desk doubles as a kitchen table? You are not alone. According to the 2011 Desktop Dining Survey by the American Dietetic...

Stay Awake at Work through the Afternoon Funk

You charge into the day full of energy with intentions to tackle your to-do list and escape the office on time. Then, the too...

Work Resolutions: Commitments that Spread Beyond 9 to 5

Pay off debt. Vow to workout 5 days a week. Sound familiar? Often our resolutions encompass a broad lifestyle change that can cause us...


Drinking Problem

Do You Have A Drinking Problem?

  Thirty-two million people in America suffer from alcohol addiction. This means that nearly 10 percent of people in America are alcoholics. Only 2.2 percent...
perfect ice maker

Finding the Perfect Ice Maker – What You Should Know

Featured Image Source: Pixabay Back when electricity was still a novel thing, ice was a luxury item. Nowadays, most people tend to take it for...
honey cough suppressant

Is Honey An Effective Cough Suppressant?

Some say it's just as effective as what you can buy over the counter!
trail running

What You Need to Know About Trail Running

The weather is finally heating up, and if you’re looking to ramp up your running program, consider trail running. Essentially, it’s running on any...