Training to Become a Nurse in 2021: A Guide

Working as a nurse can be very rewarding. As someone who cares for and wants to look after others, a nurse will find treating patients and nursing them back to full health a great career move that suits their personality and needs. Typically, a nurse will need to be compassionate, patient, and dedicated to the healthcare industry so that they can help others and make a difference.

Training to become a nurse, however, is no walk in the park. There are numerous qualifications you may have to undergo, and usually, you will have to head to university and/or college so that you can study and learn the ins and outs of the field. This can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful for many medical students.

In 2021, there are a few ways you can train to become a nurse. Of course, you can head to a traditional school of medicine and walk the campus of a usual university, but you can also head online and study to become a nurse by taking numerous online courses. The avenue of being able to study online has opened up the career path of becoming a nurse to many people, such as full-time parents or those who may believe they are too old to return to college.

No matter the route you take, you will always have to complete a residency. It is not until you have ticked these numerous boxes that you can become a fully-fledged nurse who can care for their own patients and help physicians and surgeons. The road to becoming a fully licensed nurse is a long one though. Looking to become a nurse in 2021? Read the following guide on how to become one.

Research About the Job

There are many roles and responsibilities to becoming a nurse, and it is in your best interests to research the job to ensure that it is suited to your personality. As a nurse, you will be expected to care for sickly patients who need their health checked up on and who need your assistance. Therefore, medical skills and knowledge is one thing, but having strong people skills as well is another.

As a nurse, you will be expected to:

  • Care for those who are sick and/or injured
  • Offer support to patients in need
  • Help doctors diagnose patients
  • Be on call if you are required
  • Offer support to physicians and/or surgeons
  • Help with admin and paperwork
  • Provide follow-up care to patients
  • Provide advice to co-worker and/or patients

Being a nurse may also require you to work days and nights, as well as longer shifts. You may also be expected to come into work if there is an emergency, which means you have to drop everything you are doing, no questions asked. If you are not prepared to make such sacrifices, then this is not the job for you.

Online or Traditional University?

There are benefits to both avenues when it comes to training to become a nurse. Therefore, when deciding, you need to research both online and traditional university courses to see which suits your needs best. Once you have decided, you can then go about checking the entry requirements for each individual course and see which curriculum you are better suited to.

For instance, Marymount University offers reputable online nursing programs that suit numerous types of students. Their programs include an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice, as well as a Family Nurse Practitioner – Post-Master’s Certificate. They also offer many more programs, so be sure to take a look. The main advantage of taking an online nursing degree is that it offers flexibility and cheaper tuition fees. This makes it much more accessible and allows parents or those who also need to work to train to become a nurse much more easily.

When checking which university you wish to enroll in, however, be sure to look at the reviews. You could also reach out to alumni and see what they have to say about their time at that university.

Check Entry Requirements

Each university will have different and specific entry requirements. Before you apply, you will need to check these to see whether you can meet their expectations and whether you are likely to get in. What’s more, as their entry requirements may all differ, you may have to focus your current studies on specific areas such as biology or chemistry.

If you already have a degree in a relevant field such as social sciences or biology, then a school of medicine or online university is likely to take this into account and offer you the choice to complete specific courses that can open up your career into nursing. If you are ever unsure, then you should always contact the university in question as they will be more than happy to discuss how you could gain the requirements needed.

Do You Need Financial Support?

University is not cheap, and so you will need to see whether you can pay for it. If not, there are many resources out there to help you gain a scholarship. Plus, the government may be able to offer you support as they consider your education an investment. Of course, many students will juggle university with a part-time job, but this is not always feasible.

Never Stop Learning

Once you have earned your nursing degree and qualifications, it is important to remember that the learning never stops. The medical and healthcare fields will continue to keep making discoveries, so it is in your best interests to remain on the top of your game and continue educating yourself. You will want to attend lectures and head to conferences. You may also find that your place of work will wish to send you and other co-workers on courses and training days.

Training to become a nurse can be a lengthy endeavor. However, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Be sure to research the job and look for the best course that is suited for you.


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