Roll up your Sleeve: January is National Blood Donor Month

The holidays have passed but the giving should not come to a close. Honor National Blood Donor Month this January by donating blood to help ensure that there is a stable supply of blood even in the slowest months.

Blood drives say that the winter months cause blood donation traffic to dwindle and January is the crucial time of year to give since donations are dangerously low. With cold temperatures, flu and cold prevalence, people getting back into their regular schedules post-holidays or even the winter blues, heading to a blood drive is not on the top of the to-do list. But even with the decrease in donations the need for blood is constant. Find a local blood donation center and give the gift that keeps on giving.

Quick Bite: Donating blood takes the same amount of time as watching your favorite TV show. According to the American Red Cross, the actual blood draw lasts about 10 minutes, but approximately an hour is needed for the entire donation process. Watch your show on DVR this week and use that free hour to help save a life.

 Have you been inspired to head to the blood bank?

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