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Born in New Delhi, India; after nine years, I pit-stopped in Fort Worth, Texas (read: culture shock) for another nine years, and finally escaped the South to attend NYU and major in cinema studies. Friends include tea, sweets, all food (except beef/pork/almonds), sleep, books, the newspaper, television and Netflix (and a few real people). Enemies include chemistry/physics/science/math/numbers of any kind, lack of sweets, lack of sleep.


Hearing Loss

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: 8 Popular Myths About Hearing Loss

The idea of losing your hearing can be an incredibly scary thing, especially if it’s something we’re not used to and haven’t had much...

5 Reasons you Need a 7 Speed Bike for City Cycling

Casual bikers may be unaware of just how many gears their bikes have, or how to really put the gears to full use, or...

With the Support System In Place, Disability is Never Inability

Disability is not inability, so they say. While that is true, many disabled people around the world face many challenges. It is gratifying to...

Arthritis Concerns In Younger Patients

What Is Arthritis Arthritis is a condition that involves your joints feeling stiff and painful. Arthritis usually occurs in older people, but it's possible for...