Food & Fitness

Sweat it out and refuel! Take a look at some of our favorite ways to stay active and healthy eats.

Brain Boosters: Cognitive Function Foods

Lost the keys again? When I lose the keys I worry a bit about the future of my cognitive function. Is this a sign? Am I starting to lose "it"?

Versatile Salsa: Corn, Avocado and Tomato Mix for Every Occasion

From time to time I buy corn on the cob. Something about it always reminds me of summer grilling. Sadly, it also reminds me...

Gym meets Nightclub: Introducing Party Workouts

After being shackled to your desk for 8+ hours (too dramatic?), choosing between happy hour or heading to the gym often means our sneakers...

Morel Mushrooms: Spring’s Shroomy Paradise

It’s morel mushroom season…mmmm! April showers bring May flowers AND a piece of mushroom heaven. Nothing is better than the thought of flourishing fungi,...

Perfecting Your Plank

I used to avoid planks. They made me shake. They made me hurt. And I just didn’t like them.

Cauli-ful: Show Off with Colored Cauliflower

Meet the orange, purple and green cauliflower. All are members of the cauli-family and if you ask me, they scream “pick me, pick me!” from the vegetable section. If Dr. Seuss was coming over for dinner, colored cauliflower is what I would serve.

Fiddlehead Ferns: A Vegetable with Character

Normally I steer clear of anything that resembles a caterpillar when it comes to what I’m eating. (Perhaps I shouldn’t start my post with...

Spring Green Bean Goodness

Green beans are a delightful vegetable that offer us fresh, wholesome nutrition.

Get Wicked Hard Abs

I’ve been teaching group fitness for over 25 years, and love to find new ways to torment help my students get strong, good-looking abs.

Lychee: A Curious Fruit to Love

The first time I ever heard of lychee was because it was an ingredient in a martini. The thought of a mysterious element in...

Discover Fennel: A Touch of Green

The next best thing to finding four-leaf clovers and chasing leprechauns is eating fennel. Okay, the second best thing? It’s green so just go...

Form and Stride: Bring your Running to the Next Level

Since the advent of the barefoot running craze, everyone from the elite track star to the first time 5K walk-jogger is worried about their running form.

My New Obsession: Bring on the Figs

When I was little I had a thing against Fig Newtons which automatically made me assume I didn’t like figs. It wasn’t until a few months...

No money, no time? Get fit at home!

The two most common excuses for not exercising are lack of time and lack of money. Between work and family commitments, schedules are full.

The Menu Board is Back: Menu Planning 101

Menu Planning and Recipe Organization to the Rescue You may all remember that one of my “challenges” of living a healthy lifestyle in temptation city...

Orange Heaven: Have a Slice of Cara Cara

Drum roll please…I would like to introduce the most delicious orange out there: the cara cara. No, this is not the orange you see in...

Race Time: Tackle Your Spring Training Plan

It’s that time of year – winter is making its way out, slowly but surely, and those spring and summer races are fast approaching.

Trainer’s Pet: Make the Most out of your PT Session

Congratulations! You’ve decided to hire a personal trainer to help you move towards your health and fitness goals.

Breakfast of Champions: Cereal Please!

These days my breakfasts have turned into a grab-and-go marathon as I snatch my Chobani yogurt, grab an apple with a travel Jif peanut...

Never Too Slow: A Running Club Mantra

Guest Post by Amanda Brooks The “I’m too slow” or “they’re too fast” logic is what stopped me from joining a great friend at track...


No More Protein Shakes! 3 Delicious Protein Packed Meals

It doesn’t take a genius to know that your body needs a little more when you’re exercising. When you’re out sweating, you...

Can a healthy lifestyle save you money?

If you’re looking for ways to save money, creating a healthier lifestyle could be a way to...

Relieving Anxiety by Decluttering

no way around it: the very thought of decluttering can make anyone groan. And, for those who...

Staying Healthy and Active in Your 60s – A Guide

Staying fit and healthy is important at all stages of life, whether you are 16 or 60....