Vegging Out for Radish Season

I have some pretty strong feelings about radishes. Like really strong I’m in love type of feelings. Don’t judge. I’m sure you have similar thoughts toward a veg too…just admit it  😉

I don’t really get how these edible jewels have been shunned to the relish tray. Their petite frames, vibrant skin and crispy crunchiness deserves to be showcased. There is so much more to the radish than being all button-y and cute. What, you don’t think they are?

Radishes are worth eating for more than just their beauty and crunch. They are a nutritious root vegetable. Chock full of the good stuff, radishes have vitamin C, iron, potassium and are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, they can clear out your sinuses. Yup, allergy season savior. At 20 calories per cup, I’m pretty sure you just discovered nature’s chip replacement.

Not only are the roots of the cruciferous vegetable nutritious, but so are their leaves. You should eat them because they actually contain more vitamin C, protein and calcium then their underground counterpart. The leaves are the texture of watercress, but with the happy bite of a radish. So are you envisioning your next salad? Radish with tops attached and dressed with olive oil. I mean…if you serve it to me I’m totally cool with it.

The zingy, ruby-red root has a mild peppery taste that is followed up with a fresh, crisp bite. The spring variety (the red and round type that we are most familiar with known as the cherry belle or the red globe) is actually less sharp than the radishes that are harvested in the summer. Luckily the spring veg is flourishing at your local grocery stop right about now at an embarrassing rate. They are so easy to grow, farmers just love it. So, what are you waiting for? Go on…

Here are some recipes to get the versatile little red radishes off the relish tray and onto a much more esteemed plate:

  • Who needs croutons when you can add crunch to your salad with radishes!
  • Keep it simple and place sliced radishes on bread with a cheese of your choice for an eye-popping appetizer or snack.
  • Grilling season is upon us. Serve up this simple grilled radishes side dish.
  • You thought I was going to tease you with the chip thing? Baked radish chips…delightful! (Or slice them and eat them raw…they have that chip crunch as is.)
  • Make a unique statement for breakfast by putting the distinct flavor of radish into a quiche.
  • Enjoy chardonnay-braised radishes for those of you who turn your shoulder to the radish zing. Yes, I am rolling my eyes at you for that! Cooked radishes bring out a mild sweetness that is quite enjoyable.

Make it your mission to rediscover the pretty little vegetables and give them the credit they deserve.

Let’s chat! What vegetable are you in love with? How do you like to eat your spring radishes? Share your recipes and thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I grew up in a family that ate radishes, but I just never really acquired the taste of them. My parent’s still grow them in their garden, and I could have a full supply of them if I wanted! I absolutely LOVE cucumbers, and I always am waiting for the gardening season to buy them. They just don’t taste as good when you buy them in the store.

    • Give them another try! I used to be impartial to them and then my eyes were opened to the wonders that they hold. Baking them could change your mind:) And I love cucumbers too!!

  2. Raw, straight out of the garden! YUM! I love those crunchy red radishes. They are so pretty and so tasty! Radishes just add a ZING to everything. Thanks for those radish usage tips! I am always up for something new.

  3. Oh yeaaaa SCORE!! haha! I grew up eating them! Because I’m Korean and you know~we eat all kinds of radishes in whatever form we can use them! In brothy, healthy soups with seaweed in it, or in radish kimchi form….so many choices! I knew they were nutritious but not this much 😛

  4. I am in love with artichokes, myself. I will eat them any which way, they are even divine just steamed, straight up.
    I didn’t realize radish greens were good, I’ll have to try thy next time I pick up a bunch!

    • Artichokes are another favorite on my list too…Love to put the hearts in pasta, risotto, salads. Yum! Hope your radish green experience is a good one:)


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