6 Simple Veggie Dip Recipes for Vegetarian Week

I don’t know what it is about dip, but doesn’t it make eating a little more fun? Sometimes a healthy shove to silverware is, well, liberating. Ta-ta etiquette school…I’m eating with my hands and there is nothing you can do about it.

Dips are one of those meal sidekicks that can get thrown together last minute, but gives your veggies (or dipper of choice) a little extra oomph that is undeniably good. In honor of National Vegetarian Week I went on the hunt for mouthwateringly good dips, vegetarian style. And oh.my.gosh. I scored. Like can I make all of these at once and just eat dip for breakfast, lunch and dinner…that kind of scored.

Celebrate Vegetarian Week with me by diving into these bowls of approved awesomeness from some of my favorite blogging buddies! (Click on the pics for the recipes!)

Quickie Lentil Layer Dip

From the mastermind of Jenn at Peas and Crayons. I mean seriously…lentils and layers. Yes!

Curried Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Dip

Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean can make a mean hummus too! Love this girl and her kitchen creativity.

Easy Pico de Gallo

Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey keeps it simple with summer’s best dip. I’ve made some of her other recipes and have not been let down!

Fava Bean Dip with Roasted Garlic and Yogurt

Bring on the beans! Love this one from the inspired cooks at theKitchn.

Sanctuary Dip

I recently stumbled upon Isa’s site Post Punk Kitchen and instantly swooned over her recipes. This creamy, vegan ranch dip is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wild Mushroom Dip

I’m a sucker for mushrooms and the folks and Better Homes and Gardens definitely nailed putting the “meaty” goodness into dip form.

Pretty much that celery stick, carrot or baked potato chip will be flying out of your hands to get into any of these dips and, really, who can blame them.

Vegetarian Week is celebrated until Sunday, May 27th but hopefully you were inspired to get your veg on from time to time moving forward by incorporating meat-free options into your menu. You can start by bringing one of this dips to your Memorial Day BBQ…you’ll probs get a round of applause. Just be sure to give a shout out to the genius dip chefs if you do!

What are your Memorial Day plans? What is your favorite vegetarian dip? Tell us below!

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  1. Whoa! I had no idea we vegetarians got a whole week! I want a cake. Carrot, of course in honor of the veg theme:)

  2. I love dips too!
    All of your recipes look great, but I’m a huge fan of mushrooms so I think I’ll try that one first!
    One of my favourite non-dip ways to use dips is to thin them out with a little water and use them as salad dressings. Same great taste, a few fewer calories!

  3. […] I know what you’re thinking: there has to be a catch. There’s no way that chips can be this good for you and still taste great. That’s where you’d be wrong. These flavorful chips come in six delicious varieties—Cucumber Dill, Cracked Pepper, Parmesan Garlic, Roasted Pepper, Rosemary and Sea Salt—and have a sort of puffed rice texture, so they’re perfectly light and crisp. I bought a bag of the cucumber dill chips, which paired perfectly with a bowl of cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. I shared them with my mom and my sister, and before we knew it, the entire bag was gone! These chips really are so delicious that you forget how healthy they are. Next time I want to try the roasted pepper—bet they’d be AMAZING with one of these delicious veggie dips! […]


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