4 Moves to Get Rid of Love Handles

Guest post by Madeline at Food, Fitness and Family

With summer upon us I know I am not the only one trying to get bikini ready.  One of the areas that is always problematic is my midsection, particularly the dreaded love handles. Luckily there are a few moves you can do that target your abs and help banish those love handles.

1.  Heel Tap Crunch

2.  Standing Side Crunch


3.  Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

4.  Saxon Side Bend


While all these moves will target your obliques it is also important to eat clean and add cardio in to see maximum results.  Try adding a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout in to your routine to torch calories and make the fat scream.  However, you should always consult with your healthcare provider before changing your diet or workout routine.

What’s your favorite exercise move for your abs? Do you have a go to move to get rid of love handles?

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  1. I love training abs with a stability ball. Roll outs, roll ins (my own little trick is to alternate diagonal roll ins with standard ones), Russian twists with weight and V-sit oblique ball drops!

    Thanks for your suggestions Madeline! Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I still have about 6 weeks until bathing suit weather!

  2. I love that these exercises are easy to incorporate into your day right where you are! Thanks for these tips and the videos…they are very helpful. Jana

  3. Thanks for the new suggestions! I don’t have a favorite an move-I just try to switch to a different routine every couple of months to keep my muscles interested…

  4. Part of our swim routine includes something we call streamline kick. We do dolphin kick on our back in interval sets for about 7-8 minutes. We are also in the cardio zone during this part of the workout.


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