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Anthea is a rising junior at Emory University, where she is studying Sociology and Predictive Health. She has a keen interest in writing and in her spare time maintains a personal lifestyle blog that covers all things food, health/wellness, travel, and photography. To Anthea, breakfast, New York City, and sunshine are non-negotiable components of life.


Training to be a nurse

Training to Become a Nurse in 2021: A Guide

Working as a nurse can be very rewarding. As someone who cares for and wants to look after others, a nurse will find treating...

4 Customizable Gifts That They’ll Love

Gift giving is the most nerve wracking part of any holiday. We all know that feeling of suspense as you watch someone...
7 Body Diseases

Top 7 Body Diseases You May Not Have Heard About

  A rare disease can be any disease that affects only a few people in a particular geographic location. Because of their unique...
power rope training

Battle Rope Training – Test your Fitness Limits

Heavy ropes exercises are extraordinarily simple and straightforward. All you need is a battle rope, like Hyper rope and an anchor. That's...