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Anthea is a rising junior at Emory University, where she is studying Sociology and Predictive Health. She has a keen interest in writing and in her spare time maintains a personal lifestyle blog that covers all things food, health/wellness, travel, and photography. To Anthea, breakfast, New York City, and sunshine are non-negotiable components of life.


How Your Teeth Can Influence Your Overall Health

Your teeth play a bigger role in your overall health than you likely realize. They’re more than just a pearly white smile or a...
detox tips

What are the dangers of detoxing alone?

Detoxing on your own is a viable option but may not always be the best course of action. Many variables contribute to the severity...
Menstruating at festivals

Menstruating at festivals: Have yourself an eco-friendly period

  As our awareness of plastic pollution increases, many people are attempting to lead a far more eco-friendly lifestyle. But in the environment of a...
Cup of coffee

7 other ways to boost your energy levels

Put down that cup of coffee and keep reading.  Here are 7 other ways to boost your energy levels. Eat vegetables Specifically, green vegetables like baby...