Superfood-Packed Summer Dinners

superfood recipes for dinner

Are you stuck in the weeknight dinner rut? We know we are. We can’t quite bring ourselves to make crack open yet another can of tuna and lay it over greens for the 300th time. Something must change, and we aren’t about to sacrifice our healthy habits just to spice up our meal plan. The solution? These superfood-packed summer dinner recipes that are sure to liven up your Tuesday night and keep you on a nutritious track!

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Green Healthy Salad (via Chilly Frosting)

superfood recipes for dinner green healthy salad

This colorful side salad is basically your body’s best friend; it boasts countless superfoods (think walnuts, quinoa, kale, olive oil, and chia seeds!), making it jam-packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while remaining gluten- and dairy-free. Green peas and a touch of honey in the dressing round out the savory salad by offering a bit of sweetness. What’s more, the salad’s crunchy walnuts, curly kale, and soft quinoa make for a textured bite (and then another, and then another…). We love a good mixed greens salad, but this side dish is far more interesting. Can you tell we’re fans?

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Spicy Salmon and Grilled Pineapple Wrap (via Confections of a Foodie Bride)

superfood recipes for dinner spicy salmon and grilled pineapple wrap

This easy-to-make roll-up screams light summer dinner. The healthy highlights in this wrap include raw onions (good for blood sugar regulation), salmon (good for decreasing the risk of cardiovascular issues), and Greek yogurt (good for digestion). If those health benefits don’t interest you, the combination of sweet grilled pineapple and spicy sliced-up jalapenos should do the trick. That’s a wrap!

Baked Eggs with Asparagus and Goat Cheese (via PDX Food Love)

superfood recipes for dinner baked eggs with asparagus and goat cheese

We love eggs. But when they’re paired with asparagus, garlic scapes, parmesan, and goat cheese, we love them even more. This farm-fresh recipe from PDX Food Love provides a winning combo: nutritious greens, protein-packed eggs, and satiating fats from a healthy sprinkling of cheeses. This diet-friendly dish deserves a spot at any meal of the day — breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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