Skinny Frozen Treats For Healthy End of Summer Fun

Sweltering summer temperatures evoke memories of Mr. Softee, chocolate sprinkles, and King Cones. Those chilled childhood treats were A-OK for our eight-year-old selves, but they aren’t exactly top notch fare for us these days. The sad truth: most of us can’t afford to slurp down a black and white milkshake on the daily and still rock a halter bikini. If only. Thankfully, fat-packed Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the only frozen dessert option on the market, and we’re here to prove it; here are some of the best low-cal ice cream products on our radar right now. Put them to good use this Labor Day for all the fun and half the yucky stuff.

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Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

skinny frozen treats yasso pop

Yasso boasts it is the first brand to create frozen Greek yogurt novelty bars in 11 flavors, including coconut, peanut butter cup, blueberry, sea salt caramel, and mint chocolate chip (pictured above), among others. The wide range of flavor options from Yasso is appreciated, but the company’s nutrition facts are even more pleasing; none of the bars contain more than 130 calories (some are only 80 cals!) and the first ingredient on the list is always non-fat Greek frozen yogurt. Ice cream made from live cultures? We can get on board with that.

Talenti Sorbetto

skinny frozen treats  mango sorbet

Image Via Women’s Health Magazine

Talenti is known for its glorious (and sinful) gelato products. In a perfect world, we’d live off of pints of the brand’s Fudge Brownie gelato and nothing else. But at 240 calories per half cup, that life is unfortunately not a viable option. Instead, we opt for the brand’s refreshing, lower calorie flavors like Alphonso Mango (pictured above), which only sets you back 130 cals per half cup and lists mangoes as its first ingredient. The sorbet is also gluten-free, fat-free, high fructose corn syrup-free, vegan, and kosher, so it’s basically everyone-friendly.

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Tofutti Cuties

skinny frozen treats tofutti cuties

Image Via Tofutti

These cuties are a classic in our book. The dairy-free, tofu-based ice cream sandwiches are the day camp snacks we will never tire of. The small sweet treats are only 130 calories and come in flavors like chocolate, mint chocolate chip, cookies ‘n cream, and wild berry. Despite being dairy-free, GMO-free, kosher, vegan, and cholesterol-free, these guys do contain caramel coloring and corn syrup solids, so we suggest you keep intake sporadic. Not totally natural, but totally delicious.

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What’s your favorite diet-friendly frozen treat?


  1. OKAY YUM to the first option! I am obsessed with mint chocolate chip 🙂

    My favorite frozen dessert/treat = Wink Frozen Desserts. Allergen-Free and AWESOME!


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