Get Patriotic with These 5 Healthy July 4th Recipes

There’s T-1 day until the 4th descends upon us and if you’re still scrambling to plan the menu for that backyard bash you’re hosting, fear no more. We are bringing you five healthy, America-inspired, July 4th  recipes that are sure to generate the “oohs” and “aahs” from guests. Get cookin’! (Patriotically, of course.)

Breakfast – Healthy French Toast

Get Patriotic with These 5 Healthy July 4th Recipes Potato Hash

Image via FitSugar

You’re going to need some fuel before you swing into party mode. We suggest you wake up the right way with this red, white, and (sort of) blue breakfast: purple potato hash (mixed with sweet onions and red peppers) and an egg on top. This meal’s fat, protein, and carb combo will keep you satisfied and energized for all your party prepping needs. It’s kind of the ultimate win-win. Thanks to FitSugar for the recipe idea!

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Snack – 4th of July Toast

Get Patriotic with These 5 Healthy July 4th Recipes Snack

Image via Taste and Tell Blog

By mid-morning, you may be feeling like a snack attack is in order. We don’t blame you, the duties that accompany hosting are hard (ahem, vacuuming, we’re talking to you). Take a break with a piece of patriotic toast, pictured above. You deserve it. Find the recipe from Taste and Tell Blog, here!

Drink – Tequila Paloma

Get Patriotic with These 5 Healthy July 4th Recipes tequila paloma

Image via B. Britnell

You might as well get the party started while you wait for your peers. This tequila paloma recipe from B. Britnell is sure to get you refreshed and relaxed for the celebrating ahead. Grab grapefruit juice, tequila, club soda, and citrus for this simple summer cocktail and slurppppp away.

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Hors D’oeuvre – Feta Stuffed Watermelon

Get Patriotic with These 5 Healthy July 4th Recipes Feta Stuffed Watermelon

Image via Epicurious

Greet your guests with these feta-stuffed watermelon cubes! The super refreshing salty sweet combo is festive and bite-sized (our fave quality, obviously). You’re already on your way to being named hostess-of-the-year with this summery hors d’oeuvre and you haven’t even hit them with the main dish yet. #winning

Main Dish – Crab Cake Sliders

crab cake

Image via Food Network

Break outside the BBQ box with these crab cake sliders on potato buns. This seafood patty is an awesome alternative to your average cheeseburger. And if any carnivores complain, it has bacon on it, so there.

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What are you cooking for July 4th?



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