3 Foods to Avoid (Always)

junk food 3 Foods to Avoid (Always)

The occasional brownie splurge is an understandable and legitimate slip-up. We’ve all been there and we will all be there again. Who can resist them when they are out of the oven, anyways? But when it comes to some foods, even a once-in-a-while nosh is a no-no. We’re taking a look at three (among plent of other) foods to avoid…always.

McDonald’s Hamburgers

burger 3 Foods to Avoid (Always)

There’s something about Big Macs that turns us off, big time. Maybe it’s the food dyes, pink slime, artificial additives, and engineered corn that goes into them. Just maybe. There’s no harm in sinking your teeth into a juicy beef patty every once in a while (see link below) — just make your own and you’re in the clear! Buy organic and/or pasture-raised meat to avoid consuming industrial, grain-fed protein. Believe us when we tell you a homemade is not only better for you, but also more delicious!

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Butter-Flavored Microwavable Popcorn

popcorn 3 Foods to Avoid (Always)

When a stay-at-home movie night rolls around, steer clear of the butter-flavored microwavable popcorn. According to Rodale News, Diacetyl — the chemical commonly used in butter flavoring — is harmful. Diacetyl is strong enough to cause lung scarring and breathing complications, also known as the disease, “popcorn lung.” Protect your body and make your own popcorn with (gasp) real butter. Or, for a nutritional kick that is all the rage lately, why don’t you sprinkle your freshly popped popcorn with some nutritional yeast? Not only is this vegan and low-calorie, but it also is a great way to get your vitamin B’s!

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Crunchy Cheetos

cheetos 3 Foods to Avoid (Always)

These guys made Men’s Health‘s “18 Worst Packaged Food Lies” list. Yikes. The snack’s label claims to have zero grams of trans fats, as per the FDA, which allows companies to boast “zero grams” when their product contains .5 grams or less of trans fats per serving. So, .49 grams of the harmful fat per serving will actually get them the green light. Men’s Health acknowledges that this amount sounds insignificant, but it can add up fast, especially when a bag contains multiple servings. Look for words like “partially hydrogenated” on labels while perusing the snack aisle. If you see ’em, put the package down. We repeat: Put it down!

Better yet, follow acclaimed activist Michael Pollan’s advice and get out of the snack aisle altogether. The journalist writes that the healthiest foods are those that line the perimeter of the supermarket and sometimes require refrigeration; these foods are the ones that can go bad, meaning they’re real and thus healthier for you. Eating a cereal bar that will last a year in your pantry before it rots is just…wrong.

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What foods do you make sure to avoid?

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  1. I find Cheetoh’s so repulsive, they don’t even taste good! The only time I ever had them as a kid was at Halloween when we got them trick or treating. My parents never had those in our home for a snack.

  2. Well, I think ONE serving of pretty much anything, ONCE every, say, year is not going to kill you. I dislike getting militaristic about any food rule. That being said if a food has a lung disease named after it, one should probably avoid it.
    I avoid cheetahs but I eat a lot of Fritos. They are the healthiest junk food there is. I’m serious. Check the label-all they have is corn, salt and and oil-no chemicals…


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