Daily Bite [Watch]: Skip the Junky Mood with the Right Foods

Mood and Food Connection

Lindsey Smith, the certified health coach and author, has been sharing her tips to naturally boost your mood and it doesn’t involve trying to find your happy place. The secret: take the delicious route and be lulled to a stress-free environment by eating the right foods.

After being hospitalized as a child for having severe anxiety that caused her to be dehydrated, Lindsey has been on a mission to connect how food can make people feel. She has even written two books on the topic: “Junk Foods & Junk Moods” and “Bliss Cleanse.”

We think her bad mood busting mantra is the way to go. Think about how quickly you mentally crash post-Snickers eating. Or the way you feel after over-indulging at dinner. Instant downer.

Before you let yourself turn into a grouch, watch this video that shares the 3 foods you should avoid and those that will give you a happy ‘tude via the Food Mood Girl herself:

Pittsburgh Woman Reveals Natural Ways to Boost Moods

Do you use food to change your mood? What is your favorite healthy snack?

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  1. Salmon makes me so happy… So does spaghetti squash – lol, Oh and when I plan on going out to sushi, I get very very excited! LOL! There are definitely foods out there that make me very very very happy! 😉


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