Celebrity Gym Style We Envy!

We’ll admit it. Celebrities are enviable creatures for many reasons. Most of us health and wellness enthusiasts aren’t particularly wowed by the Rolls Royces, though. Our preferred source of jealousy? Workout wear. No  joke. Fitness-crazed celebs seem to have more time and money to spend on exercise than the rest of us mortals, and it shows. Join us as we review some of our fave envy-inducing celebrity gym style and gear.

Vanessa Hudgens

vanessa hudgens Celebrity Gym Style

This former Disney star has proven her commitment to fitness in her years since High School Musical. The 25-year-old is constantly snapped pre- and post-workout sessions (she’s a huge fan of pilates!), always looking dressed for the occasion. We love how she mixed active-wear with leather (above) at the Reebok and DSW pink-themed workout to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October of 2012.

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Jillian Michaels

jillian michaels Celebrity Gym Style We Envy!

It’s kind of Jillian Michaels‘ job to be in workout clothes, but that doesn’t mean we appreciate her gym style any less. The fitness expert – who advises individuals to combine cardio activity with strength training to torch calories and tone simultaneously – brings a total winner with this outfit. The sassy snakeskin leggings, paired with a simple white tank and clean-cut black and white sneaks are the perfect mix of fashion and fitness. Can we add those bottoms to our shopping cart…now, please?

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Celebrity Gym Style We Envy!

We recently reviewed activewear line, Fabletics, which was co-founded by famously fit celeb, Kate Hudson. (Spoiler alert: we’re super fans of the brand’s products, see below.) It makes total sense that this bubbly uber-celeb is behind the company, too: Hudson’s been quoted saying she breaks a sweat six days a week. Pilates and running rank at the top of her list of favorite workouts. Check out her simple, but classy Fabletics ensemble above. We love the pop of color her sports bra provides, in contrast to her more subdued tank and leggings. It’s all about balance, people!

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Alessandra Ambrosio

alessandra ambrosio Celebrity Gym Style We Envy!

Victoria’s Secret model and SoulCycle enthusiast Alessandra Ambrosio made no effort to match while out and about in workout wear in LA this month, and we don’t mind one bit. This totally mismatched look is relaxed and fun — who would have thought that mint green, lilac, grey and gold could all work together? Maybe that comes with the supermodel territory, but it also goes to show that a head-to-toe Lululemon getup isn’t always necessary. Gasp!

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What’s your favorite active-wear line?

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  1. This was an interesting topic and article. It seems like health & fitness is becoming more popular, so you’d think there would be more celebrities endorsing (or at least rocking) workout gear & clothes. Considering how it seems to be a prerequisite that almost all movie & tv actors must have abs of steel and no fat, you know they’re working out–they should flaunt it in their gym clothes.

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