5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Admit it, you spend countless minutes (ok, maybe hours) of your day scrolling through your Instagram feed on your phone. It is really nothing to be ashamed of; we’re with you. Since you’re already spending the time, though, you might as well feel inspired after you close the app and lock your phone. Spoiler alert: looking at photographic documentation of your ex’s most recent night at the club is unlikely to generate said feeling of inspiration. So, in your best interest, we’re broadening your social media horizon with this quickie roundup of our favorite, healthy Instagram accounts. You’ll love these wellness-inducing photos. Get ready to double-tap away!


Clothing: Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane 5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Australian fitness brand Lorna Jane has an awesomely active Insta account, with over 2,500 published pics. The account’s bio appropriately reads, “Welcome to the home of #activeliving”. They aren’t bluffing — Lorna Jane‘s profile is chock full of healthy living inspiration, and the clothing line doesn’t only feature photos its own products. The LJ account’s pics span the wellness spectrum. You’ll find photos of healthy food, inspirational quotes, and customers and models wearing LJ clothing on top of mountains, while water skiing, and post-weight lifting sessions. We approve!

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Clothing: Style Runner

StyleRunner 5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Style Runner calls itself “the ultimate activewear destination,” and we must say, we can’t argue with that. The website pools products from countless fitness brands, offering online shoppers a wide variety of workout wear options. Turns out, the cute neon sports bras the site sells aren’t the only thing that will motivate you to get up, out, and exercising — photos of totally toned bodies like the one above will also do the trick. Check out Style Runner’s Instagram account here.

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Food: Juice Press

Juice Press 5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Our love for Juice Press runs deep (see below), so naturally we follow the raw food and juice company’s every move on social media, and we must say, the ever-expanding brand knows how to play the Insta game. By regularly publishing pics like the one above, Juice Press reminds its followers of just how good its products are. (Ahem, that mint chip protein smoothie, pictured above? Yeah, we’ll take six of them.) Even better than its drool-worthy snaps of smoothies and juices is its weekly giveaway that inspires customers to get fit and eat right: every customer that publishes a photo on Instagram of them or their surroundings while on a Saturday morning run with #willrunforjuice in the caption is entitled to a free juice from any of the company’s NYC locations. Now that’s what we call smart marketing. Bravo. The Small Business Blog is a great resource where you can learn cool marketing strategies like this.

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Food: Breakfast Criminals

Breakfast Criminals 5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

The number of food bloggers out there these days is simply overwhelming, and we aren’t mad about it – not one bit. We’re spotlighting one of our many faves today: Breakfast Criminals, an account that posts photos of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free breakfasts that will make you curse your morning bowl of Kashi, stat. The superfood-filled meals range from smoothie bowls to chia puddings to raw protein truffles. Sign us up.

Nutrition: JS Health

JS Health 5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Long story short: we want health blogger/nutritionist/wellness coach Jessica Sepel’s life. The Australian beauty seems to have the all-around healthiest lifestyle, as per her Instagram snapshots, which include healthy recipes, shots from her recent wellness retreats, and ads for her very own cleanse program. We especially appreciate when she publishes inspiring notes like the one shown above. I can and I will (follow JS Health on Insta), no doubt.


 Inspiration: Motivation Wall

Motivation Wall 5 Healthy Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

With nearly 260,000 followers, Motivation Wall’s Instagram account is booming, and for good reason. If you have ever woken up feeling a bit on the “blah” side, follow this account ASAP — its photos feature motivating words are more than enough to realign your sassiest Monday morning attitude or that too-tired-after-work feeling that makes you miss your workout. Follow Motivation Wall if you’re looking for that extra kick in the butt to start living a healthier, more positive life. Count us in.

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Which healthy Instagram accounts do you follow?



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