Frugal Fitness Freaks Unite: Healthy Freebies Are Here!

A healthy revolution has hit, and we are not complaining one bit. Well, maybe we are complaining a little. Many of us fitness and wellness enthusiasts are ecstatic about the seemingly ever-expanding nature of all things exercise and nutrition across the country, but there is one catch: money, money, and a little bit more money. We already know healthy food can take a financial toll, but our favorite fitness classes are quickly becoming a similarly lavish daily expense. Where are the healthy freebies?

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Thinking of trying the ultimate full-body blast workout, Barry’s Bootcamp, in NYC? That’ll be $34.00 dollars for a single class. How about a spot of sculpting and toning at Pure Barre? Sure, but it’ll cost you $33.00 dollars for one 55-minute class at their Union Square location.

Running outside is free, but we all know how that gets boring after about eight minutes…What are us frugal fitness freaks to do, then?  Thanks to some generous and healthy companies, New Yorkers can now start following their fitness dreams for free.

1. Free Workout: “Sweat Series” Athleta Flatiron, NY

Health blog Well + Good NYC and workout wear brand Athleta have teamed up to offer a “Sweat Series” consisting of 18 completely free, first-come-first-serve Sunday morning workouts throughout the year. The classes take place at Athleta’s various New York locations and range from dance cardio sessions and boot camps to yoga and barre classes. Word to the wise, though: get there early! Check out the program’s calendar here to see what classes are coming up.

2. Free Fuel: “#willrunforjuice” Juice Press, NY

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The juice-lovers among us also have reason to (run and then) rejoice. New York’s hottest juice joint, The Juice Press, has rolled out a sweet Saturday freebie. It’s as simple as this: go for a run on a Saturday morning, take a picture during the workout–it can be scenic, a selfie, or a snap of your sneakers– and post it to Instagram with the hashtags #juicepress and #willrunforjuice. Once you’ve done this (and make sure it’s before 12pm!), head over to any of their 16 New York City locations and pick out a juice for free! It’s a wild win-win: not only is your weekend workout done early but you save a solid $11.00 dollars on your morning greens just for doing it. Not too shabby!

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How do you stay healthy on a budget?

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