Unique & Nutritious Grilling Food for Summer

There are more options for summer grilling food than your boring ol’ shrimps on the barbie. If you’re sick of throwing those guys on there every weekend, try throwing these yummy and unique foods on top of some hot coals to mix up your typical summer menu!


polenta Unique & Nutritious Grilling Food for Summer

Image via Dr. Mark Hyman

Place slabs of polenta on the grill to crisp up the cornmeal side dish. The usually-mushy food takes on a new and elevated texture, plus those grill lines are to die for. (Can you say picture perfect?) Check out this recipe for grilled polenta with shrimp and escarole. Start heating those coals!


artichoke Unique & Nutritious Grilling Food for Summer

Image via PBS

Pop a bunch of baby artichokes on the barbecue for a tender and healthy appetizer. Even better, pair them with a spicy lemon aioli (recipe here) and dip, dip, dip away.

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romaine Unique & Nutritious Grilling Food for Summer

Image via Serious Eats

Grilled salad is suddenly a thing, and we aren’t against it. Crunchy lettuce turns crispy on the grill, with a smoky flavor that is guaranteed to spice up your average side salad. Try this bold recipe for grilled romaine salad with fried onions, tomatoes, and spicy ranch dressing. Anything to step up our salad game!

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nectarines Unique & Nutritious Grilling Food for Summer

Image via Nummy Kitchen

Looking for a light and summery dessert? Throw your fave fruits on the grill! Your best options are pineapple, apples, peaches, and nectarines, which are sizable enough to hold up well on  (it’s too easy to lose blueberries in between the grill’s grate, unfortunately). Here’s the recipe for the gorgeous sweet treat pictured above, a grilled nectarine topped with creamy Greek yogurt, crunchy walnuts, and drippy, golden honey. We must say, a guilt-free dessert is always appreciated!

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What are you throwing on the grill this summer?



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