Reader’s Digest: Three Top Diets of 2014

The Diet & Weight Loss section at Barnes & Noble never ceases to amaze us. Sure, the area is sizable, but it is also so varied, it has the power to make your head spin. One book will advocate for a high-fat, low-carb diet while the hardback directly next to it exclusively encourages a plant-based meal plan. There’s no telling which is right, of course; the healthiest food choices for one’s body may be entirely different for another’s. So, instead of preaching which diet is best, we’re simply offering a quickie guide to some of this year’s most popular meal plans and the books that explain them. It’s up to you to decide which (if any) are right for you!

The Forks Over Knives Diet

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Forks Over Knives is not just a diet, it’s a phenomenon. In 2011, the Forks Over Knives documentary was released and the meal plan — a low-fat, whole food, plant-based diet — has become increasingly recognized ever since. The diet’s proponents maintain that the plan has the power to reverse the chronic diseases (such as diabetes and heart disease) that currently affect a massive fraction of our population. So, what can FOK dieters eat? Whole, minimally processed foods are A OK. This means fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are in the clear, while meat, fish, dairy products, and anything processed or refined (that means you, flour) are on the outs. Let’s just say this plan takes you back to the basics, big time. Check out the book above for a thorough guide to transitioning into the FOK lifestyle. 

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The Ketogenic Diet

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The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that seeks to deprive your body of carbohydrates (its first source of energy) and instead use stored fats for fuel. This process is known as ketosis – when the body breaks down stored fats, turns them into ketones, and then uses them as its main energy source. (Side note: the Atkins diet is the most famous example of a ketogenic meal plan!) Some keto diet staples include meats, cheeses, and nuts. Take a look at the book above for an insider’s guide to mastering the Keto Diet.

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The Flexitarian Diet

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If the Forks Over Knives and Ketogenic diet plans seemed a bit too extreme for you, the Flexitarian Diet may be your next best thing. This plan is all about five major food groups: the “new meat” (aka tofu, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds, and eggs), whole grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and spices and sugar (this includes sweeteners, herbs, and salad dressings). Oh, and meat is allowed in small quantities. The point of the plan is to significantly reduce one’s animal protein intake, rather than ax it altogether. Flexis can pretty much eat foods across the spectrum — keep in mind, though, the mostly-vegetarian plan may be tough if you’re a serious carnivore. The book above offers readers a basic guide to the doable diet.

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Which popular 2014 diet would you be most likely to try?



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