One-Stop-Shop: Winter Skin Remedies

winter skin remedies

You are more than just a pretty face, ladies and gentlemen. But it doesn’t come easy! These cold, dry, winter months can really do a number on our skin and hair but fear not- we have all the answers and some of them might just be sitting in the back of your kitchen cupboards. Its important to keep our skin and hair hydrated through the harsh weather not just to look nice but to protect our bodies from germs, maintain regular body temperatures and prevent irritation. Here are some basic tips:

  • Taking a long hot shower might feel great on a cold day, but try to stick to lukewarm water for 10 minutes or less.
  • Long exposure to hot water can prevent your skin and hair from retaining moisture.
  • Before jumping in, rub some Vitamin E, coconut, or olive oil into your scalp. These natural oils will help moisturize your scalp and hair.
  • Hook up a humidifier in your office or bedroom- this no effort process will provide your skin with moisture all day long.

Moisturize: More is More

Applying lotion to your skin immediately after a shower is essential to keeping it soft and smooth, cocoa and shea butters are proven to help with dry and irritated skin. There is no limit to moisturizing throughout the day. Just because its winter, doesn’t mean you cant protect your skin from the sun. Using a face moisturizer with SPF is a safe and easy way for your skin to stay hydrated.

Hydrate for Health

Will drinking water hydrate my skin? “It’s a myth”, according to WebMD. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, the cold and windy air will still affect your skin. This doesn’t mean you should drink any less water. We all know drinking tons of water throughout the day is good for you, no matter what your skin looks like! But wait, there are plenty of foods and other beverages that keep your skin healthy and smooth. Coconut oil, almond butter, chia seeds, resveratrol (component found in red and white wine- you’re welcome), and dark chocolate have all been proven to improve skin texture and hydration.

A Helping Hand

The skin on your hands is much thinner than the skin on other parts of your body. This means it is harder to keep the skin there moisturized, thus making it easier for them to be rough, dry, cracked and irritated. Make sure you wear gloves outside to protect your hands from the harsh conditions, and again, do not use super hot water and always moisturize with your favorite hand cream.

Treat Your Feet

Nothing screams rough, cracked and dry more than your feet. These guys need extra pampering during the winter months. Save money and time by skipping the pedicure. Use a pumice stone (Amazon – $4) to slough off rough, dead skin. Moisturize your feet and heels daily and try a once-a-week foot soak!

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How do you keep your skin hydrated in the winter months? Share with us!


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